In 8051 MC, Which Register is used for Serial Communication?

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

  1. TMOD
  2. SCON
  3. SBUF
  4. PCON

In 8051 MC, SBUF register is used for serial communication. SBUF is an 8-bit register used for serial communication.

Basics of Serial Communication involves:

  • Serial communication is substantially more affordable because only one data line is required.
  • A parallel-in-serial-out register must be used to convert a byte of data into serial bits before it can be sent over a single data line.
  • A shift register with serial-in-parallel-out capability must be present at the receiving end.

For serial communication, the 8051 employs the SBUF register, which is described below:

SBUF registration

  • A byte of data must be put in the SBUF Register before it can be communicated over the transmitted line.
  • As soon as a byte is written into SBUF, it is serially communicated over the transmission line while being framed with the start and stop bits.
  • When a byte of data is received by the 8051 Receiver Line, SBUF keeps it.
  • The 8051 de-frames the bits after they are received serially via the Receiver by removing the stop and start bits, converting the received data into a byte, and then putting it in SBUF. As a result, Choice (3) is accurate.


In 8051 MC, Which Register is used for Serial Communication 1. TMOD 2. SCON 3. SBUF 4. PCON

SBUF register was used in 8051 MC for serial communication. It is a 8-bit register which is used for the purpose of communication

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