LVDT is a ______ Transducer

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Eddy current
  2. Resistance
  3. Magnetostriction
  4. Inductive

LVDT is an Inductive transducer. The linear variable differential transformer, or LVDT, transforms an object’s rectangular movement into the corresponding electrical signal.

LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer)

  • The LVDT uses the transformer-based displacement calculation method to determine displacement.
  • The LVDT converts a linear dislocation from a mechanical position into a relative electrical signal that contains information about direction and distance in the form of phase and amplitude.
  • The linear variable differential transformer’s (LVDT) operating theory relies on mutual induction to convert nonelectrical dislocation energy into electrical energy.
  • The primary coil, which is the inner one, is energised by an AC source as indicated.
  • The two secondary coils receive the magnetic flux created by the main, which induces an AC voltage in each coil.

LVDT is a ______ Transducer


  • This transducer is also capable of serving as a backup transducer.
  • The weight, force, and pressure are all measured using LVDT technology.
  • Some of these transducers are employed in pressure and load calculations.
  • LVDTs and servomechanisms are mostly employed in industrial settings.
  • other uses, including hydraulics, automation, satellites, aircraft, and power turbines.


LVDT is a ______ Transducer 1. Eddy current 2. Resistance 3. Magnetostriction 4. Inductive

LVDT is an inductive transducer which transforms the rectangular movement of an object to electric signals.

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