The Burning of a Candle is a Chemical Change Whereas the Melting of a Candle is a Physical Change. Why?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The burning of a candle is a chemical change whereas the melting of a candle is a physical change. This is because, the oxygen reacts with air to form carbon dioxide while burning a candle which is a chemical change and wax of candle melts when heat is applied is a physical change.

Physical Change

Physical changes include those that can be seen and measured, such as variations in hardness, rigidity, fluidity, colour, density, boiling point, melting point, etc.

  • Temporary in nature.
  • Just the molecules are changed; the substance’s fundamental structure is unaffected.
  • There is no new substance formation that can be seen here.
  • The majority of the physical alterations can be undone. Even after the alteration, we can get the content back.

Chemical Change

A transformation that produces new chemical compounds is referred to as a chemical change. It involves the forming or severing of atom-to-atom connections.

  • Permanent in nature.
  • One or more new substances are created when the original makeup of the substance alters.
  • Energy can be released or absorbed in the form of electricity, heat, or light.
  • In general, a chemical change cannot be reversed. At the very least, it cannot be undone physically.

Burning of candle

  • When a candle burns, the oxygen in the air interacts, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide.
  • Consequently, candle burning causes a chemical change.

Melting of a candle

  • When heated, candle wax melts. It turns back into solid wax as it cools.
  • Since no new product is produced when a candle melts, it represents a physical change.


The Burning of a Candle is a Chemical Change Whereas the Melting of a Candle is a Physical Change. Why?

Candles change physically when they melt rather than chemically when they burn. This is because when a candle burns, oxygen and air combine to generate carbon dioxide, which is a chemical change, and candle wax melts when heat is applied, which is a physical change.

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