Methods for Prevention of Corrosion

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The methods of prevention of corrosion are greasing/ oiling, painting, alloying, galvanization, anti corrosion protective coatings etc.

Methods for Prevention of Corrosion

To prevent significant losses, corrosion prevention is crucial. Metals are used to construct the majority of the buildings that we can see and use. This covers things like roads, trains, cars, machinery, and residential items like window grills and doors. Although this is a worrying problem, there are a number of treatments used to reduce or stop corrosion damage to metallic things. Particularly those materials that are frequently exposed to the elements, seawater, acids, or other hostile situations are subjected to this treatment. Popular techniques for preventing corrosion include;


Zinc is applied as a thin layer on galvanised metal to prevent corrosion. When exposed to air, the zinc oxidises, forming a protective layer on the metal’s surface.


It is a technique for altering a metal’s characteristics by combining it with another metal or nonmetal. When chromium and nickel are alloyed with iron, stainless steel is produced. Steel made of stainless material never rusts.


Iron rusting can be readily avoided by painting the surface to shield it from air and moisture.


When grease oil is placed on the surface of an iron object, air and moisture are kept from coming into touch with it, preventing rusting.


Methods for Prevention of Corrosion

Greasing/oiling, painting, alloying, galvanising, anti-corrosion protective coatings, and other treatments are used to prevent corrosion.

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