Difference Between Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In asexual reproduction, cell division like mitosis occurs whereas in sexual reproduction, whereas in sexual reproduction, both mitosis and meiosis occurs.

Asexual Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

Occurs in certain eukaryotic unicellular and multicellular creatures, lower invertebrates, plants, and prokaryotic microbes.

Almost all multicellular organisms, including humans, animals, and higher plants, exhibit this trait.

It has one parent.

Typically, it has two parents.

No gametes are produced.

Gametes are formed.

Parents’ somatic cells are involved.

Parents’ germ cells are involved.

There is no fertilisation.

Fertilization takes place.

No reproductive organs are involved.

reproductive organs that are fully grown are present.

Cell division only takes place during mitosis.

Cell division of the meiotic and mitotic varieties takes place.

Genetically speaking, the offspring and the parent are the same.

Genetically, the descendants will be distinct from the parents.

One parent solely passes on their traits to their children.

Both of the parents’ traits are inherited.

More Differences Between Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

Simply put, the parent’s genes and genetic material are multiplied and passed on to new organisms.

To create a new set of genetic material, the genetic material from both parents is mixed together.

It requires less time and multiplies quickly.

The process of multiplying takes longer and is not as quick.

The process of multiplying takes longer and is not as quick.

The number of offspring born is significantly less.

There is no evolutionary value.

has population-level evolutionary significance.

Different methods of asexual reproduction include bacterial fission, fragmentation, spore formation, and hydra bud development.

Different methods of sexual reproduction include conjugation, external fertilisation, and syngamy.


Difference Between Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

In contrast to sexual reproduction, which involves both mitosis and meiosis, asexual reproduction involves the cell division process known as mitosis.

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