Bryophyllum can Reproduce by its

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. stem
  2. leaves
  3. roots
  4. flower

Bryophyllum can reproduce by its leaves. The leaves are broad, containing notches where buds emerge.

Define Bryophyllum

  • Through the vegetative multiplication of leaves, they procreate in an asexual manner.
  • They go by the name air plants as well.
  • Bryophyllum leaves are broad and have notches at their borders; these are the places where buds emerge.
  • Vegetative propagation is a type of plant reproduction in which propagules, or vegetative portions of the plant, are used to create new plants.


In the vegetative reproduction process, a somatic component of the plant is separated from the body of the mother and grows into independent, new component in favorable environmental conditions.

Vegetative reproduction happens through the leaves in Bryophyllum.

It has accidental buds which help in vegetative reproduction.

The notches present at the leaf edges is where the buds grow. A new plant is formed from the buds.

Bryophyllum reproduces with the help of its leaves.

By the growth of new plants, reproduction process continues as well as the plant growth continues.


Bryophyllum can Reproduce by its 1. stem 2. leaves 3. roots 4. flower

The reproduction in Bryophyllum occurs through its leaves. With the broad leaves which has notches, the adventitious buds grow.

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