[Solution] The Source Of Energy Of The Sun is due to:

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

A) Conversion of uranium to krypton

B) Conversion of carbon into carbon dioxide

C) Conversion of hydrogen to helium

D) Burning of hydrogen

The sun’s energy source is the conversion of hydrogen to helium. The process is known as ‘Nuclear Fusion. The process of nuclear fusion includes the conversion of Hydrogen to Helium. During this fusion process, the temperature and the high pressure in the sun’s core separate the nuclei from the electrons. Hence the hydrogen converts into helium resulting in the release of radiant energy. This energy is what is called the energy released by Sun. Sun radiates an enormous amount of energy that becomes a very important source of life’s existence on Earth.

What is the Source of Energy?

The sun creates energy known as solar energy. This energy includes ultraviolet lights, radio waves, Infrared rays, X-rays and Gama rays, and Visible light. The energy produced by the sun plays a very important role in the existence of life on Earth. Here, two protons combine to produce a deuterium nucleus and a positron. In our solar system, we have millions of stars, and Sun is one of the leading stars when it comes to being the largest star in our solar system. The sun radiates an enormous amount of energy-containing ultraviolet and infiltrates radiations with the energy in light.

Important Facts about the Source of Energy of The Sun:

Nuclear Fusion is the process known to be responsible for creating the energy source for the sun. This process of nuclear fusion includes the following-

  • Takes place inside the core of the sun
  • Protons of the hydrogen atom collide in the core of the sun
  • Nuclei Gets Separated from the electrons
  • Hydrogen turns into helium
  • Release of the radiant energy

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