Zener diode is used as: A) Voltage regulators B) Amplifiers C) Oscillators D) Rectifiers

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Zener Diode is used as voltage regulators. A Zener Diode, a semiconductor component having a P-N junction, switches the current in a switch direction when a certain voltage is reached. The voltage can function constantly in the opposite tendency mode without damage, thanks to the opposing breakdown. A Zener Diode permits current to flow both ways, from the anode to the cathode and in the opposite direction to reach the Zener voltage. Due to their functionality, Zener Diodes are the most frequently used semiconductor diodes. The device employs a reverse-biased breakdown region, operating a substantially doped p-n junction diode. While Zener diodes can be used safely in the breakdown zone, conventional rectifiers and diodes should never be utilized there.

What are the Uses of Zener Diode?

Zener diode that allows current to flow either forward or backward. When a specific voltage level is attained, a semiconductor device called a Zener diode with a P-N junction conducts current in the opposite direction. Due to its reverse breakdown voltage, it can operate in a reverse-bias mode without suffering any damage. A Zener diode is a particular diode made to consistently permit current to flow ackward when a specific reverse voltage, called the Zener voltage, is attained. One of the fundamental components of electronic circuits, Zener diodes are widely used in electronic equipment of all kinds. They serve as reference voltages for circuits, particularly stabilized power supplies, and are utilized to create low-power stabilized supply rails from a larger voltage. Additionally, they are employed to safeguard circuits from overvoltage, particularly electrostatic discharge.

Uses of Zener Diode:

  • As a voltage regulator: When there is an excess voltage, the series-connected resistors restrict the current flowing through the diode, and the diode conducts when the load voltage is equal to the breakdown voltage.
  • Protects from overvoltage: When the input voltage reaches the Zener breakdown point, the current through the diode will result in a voltage drop across the resistor. As a result, a short circuit to the ground is initiated.
  • Used in clipping circuits: Clipper circuits are used to limit the output signal’s growth while maintaining the input signal’s integrity. Circuits that clip the AC waveform can be modified and shaped by Zener diodes.
  • Used to shift voltage: A Zener diode’s primary use is to alter the voltage of a signal. It can maintain a consistent output voltage in failure areas. A Zener diode’s capacity to change voltage is the optimum aspect of its mode of operation.

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