CSIR NET Normalization of Marks 2023: Percentile Calculator

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET Normalization of marks is an important process to declare the results. The scorecard will be released along with the result by the National Testing Agency. Normalization of marks in the CSIR NET Exam is a process used to ensure fairness and equity in the evaluation of candidates’ performances across different subjects. 

Since CSIR NET is conducted for multiple subjects, each subject may have varying difficulty levels. To account for these differences, normalization is employed. Candidates can check this article to learn how to convert percentile into a percentage, CSIR NET Normalization of marks, Result Preparation, CSIR NET percentile calculator, and CSIR NET score to rank calculator.

CSIR NET Exam Analysis 2023:

CSIR NET Percentile Calculator

The Percentile scores obtained by the candidates are based on their performance in the CSIR NET exam. In this process, the marks obtained by candidates in different shifts are transformed into a scale ranging from 0 to 100 for every session. The percentile score calculation indicates that when converted into a percentage, the marks obtained by the candidates will be either below or equal to that particular percentile. Therefore, the candidate with the highest score from each shift will obtain the same percentile of 100. The marks obtained by the candidates that are between the highest and lowest scores will also be converted into appropriate percentiles. The CSIR NET percentile calculator is also used to normalize the scores.

CSIR NET Memory Based Question Papers 2023:

Process To Calculate CSIR NET 2023 Percentile Score

The CSIR NET 2023 exam was conducted from 6 to 8 June 2023 and the result date will be announced soon. The candidates looking forward to calculating their CSIR NET 2023 Percentile Score can follow the methods below to acknowledge the process followed by NTA for the same. The CSIR NET Percentile calculator follows the method mentioned below.

CSIR NET Normalization of Marks 2023: Percentile Calculator

Here is an example of calculating the CSIR NET Percentile Score with the help of an example of different sessions. NTA uses this method to calculate the percentile of the candidates. The highest score (raw) in every paper will be equal to the 100 percentile. This indicates that 100 percent of candidates scored less than equal to the candidate who scored the highest in that session.

CSIR NET Normalization of Marks 2023: Percentile Calculator

  • Percentile Score of Highest raw: All the highest raw scores obtained by the candidates will have a normalized percentile score of 100. Here is an example:

CSIR NET Normalization of Marks 2023: Percentile Calculator

  • Percentile Score Of Lowest Raw: The percentile score of the lowest raw scores obtained by the candidate depends on the total number of candidates in the examination for different sessions. Here is an example-

CSIR NET Normalization of Marks 2023: Percentile Calculator

CSIR NET Percentile Calculator: How to Convert Percentile into Percentage?

As mentioned below, the candidates can use this simple method to convert their scores for CSIR NET 2023 from percentile to percentage. This method can easily be done with the help of a formula-

CSIR NET 2023 Percentage = (Raw Score in Exam x 100)/120

As there is no direct formula to convert the scores from a percentage into a percentile or vice versa, the candidates need to make sure to use the raw scores while calculating.

CSIR NET Score Normalization: Preparation Of Result

The process of CSIR NET Score Normalisation helps in the preparation of the  CSIR NET result is prepared with the normalization of marks of candidates as per the given steps:

Step 1: Candidates are Distributed based on Sessions

The first step that is followed is the distribution of the candidates based on sessions. The total number of candidates in the exam is distributed in two sessions equally. The two sessions are based on the two shifts in the day as follows-

  • Session-1: Day-1 Shift-1
  • Session-2: Day-1 Shift-2

If any subject exam is held in one shift or more days, the candidates have divided accordingly.

Step 2: Preparation Of The Result based on Sessions

The NTA Prepares results for the candidates of CSIR NET in two forms as follows-

  • Based on Raw scores
  • The Percentile scores obtained from the total raw scores

Step 3: CSIR NET Scores Compilation

Lastly, the percentile scores obtained for all the sessions are compiled to form the NTA scores (percentile). NTA uses these scores to compile the CSIR UGC NET results.

CSIR NET Percentile Converter

The NTA uses the method mentioned below to calculate the percentile obtained by the candidates in the examination.

CSIR NET Normalization of Marks 2023: Percentile Calculator

CSIR NET Score To Rank Calculator

The candidates can use the method given below to calculate their CSIR NET Rank from their CSIR NET Score 2023. 
FORMULA: Total Students – (Percentile x Total Students)÷ 100

Let’s understand it with the help of an example-

If we calculate according to the NTA exam, you got a 99 NTA score, and the total number of students is 100476. Then according to the calculation, 
99 x 100476÷100=99471.24.
So by subtracting 100476-99471.24=1004 (approx.)
So the rank achieved by the candidate is 1004.
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