CSIR NET Mathematical Science Memory Based Questions 2022 (16th Feb Shift 1) – Download PDF

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET Memory Based Questions 2022 Mathematical Science (16 February, Shift 1): The third day of the CSIR UGC NET Mathematical Sciences Exam June 2021 exam ended with the successful completion of shift 1 on 16 February 2022 and we have compiled a list of all the questions of Part A, B and C of CSIR NET Mathematical Science questions asked in the 16th February Shift 1 today. The NTA has conducted the first and second day of CSIR NET June 2021 on 29th January for CSIR NET Earth Science and on 15th February for CSIR NET Physical Science. The CSIR NET exam final phase will be conducted on February 17, 2022, for Life Science in 2 shifts.

We have previously provided a comprehensive CSIR NET Mathematical Science Exam Analysis of February 16 Shift 1 in which we have shared section-wise analysis and an overall good number of attempts and section-wise difficulty level of CSIR NET Part A, B and C.

In this article, we are providing questions asked in Part A, B and C of the CSIR NET physical science question paper. Students can download the PDF of all questions in each section from the link given below. 

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Exam Analysis 16 February 2022, Shift 1: Key Highlights 

  • There are two shifts scheduled for 16th February 2022, Shift 1 for CSIR NET Mathematical Science, while Shift 2 for CSIR NET Chemical Science
  • Shift 1 CSIR UGC NET Mathematical Science Exam is successfully completed and the Shift timing was 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • There were a total of 120 questions in today’s paper, the difficulty level was in the range of MODERATE to DIFFICULT.
  • However, the reasoning section was Easy and as expected Quantitative Aptitude section was in the range of Moderate to Tough, conceptual and time-consuming.
  • Most of the questions came from the Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability section.

CSIR NET Exam Analysis

Check Detailed CSIR NET June 2021 Exam Analysis

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Memory Based Questions: Part A Quantitative Aptitude 

Candidates can check below the questions of Part A Quantitative Aptitude asked in today’s CSIR NET Mathematical Science 16 February 2022 and hence can analyse accordingly.

S.No.  Questions Topic
1. 6 indistinguishable balls are to be distributed between A, B and C so that each gets at least one ball then total arrangements? Permutation and Combination
2. From a completely filled water tank water is poured into boxes with a 1/10th radius. No. of boxes required??


3. A and B count coins 1,2,5,10 in ratios . If A has 6 rs more than B. Find the no. of coins Ratio and Proportion
4. In a square of dimension 5×5, starting from the centre square. How many he can reach corners. If the condition is he can move only horizontally or vertically Mensuration
5. There are classes A and B. In class A there are 24 people. If we exchange one guy in between class A and B. Then the average of A increases by 1.25 whereas that of B is reduced by 1. Find the total strength of class B. Average
6. If the square of a two-digit number (all digits are non zero) is the same as the number preceding by C. Then the value of C is Number System
7. A building has 2 windows. The lower window is 2 m above the ground and the 2nd window is 4 m above the ground. A bird is sitting at the top of the window making the 30-degree angle with the 2nd window and 60 degrees with the lower window. At what height the bird the above the ground Trigonometry

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Memory Based Questions: Part A Reasoning 

S.No. Questions  Topic
1. Which among the following represents the Venn diagram involving inflammable, water, liquid and petrol Logical Venn Diagram
2. Calendar, from 2000 to 2020 how many days are there whose reverse gives the same Calendar
3. PQRSTU sat at a circular table. T is not adjacent to S. T is diametrically opposite to Q and P is left of Q. Which of the following is statements is incorrect? Sitting Arrangement
4. In 40 pages there are x lines on each page. If we remove 2 lines per page, we get 10 more pages. Find the no. Of lines each page x Logical Puzzle

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Memory Based Questions: Part B & C 

We are still working on question paper PDFs for parts B and C section in CSIR NET Mathematical Science June 2021 exam. The candidates can go through the below table to find the topics from which the questions were asked in sections B and C in the table given below


Number Of Questions In Part B

Number Of Questions In Part C


Linear Equations



LT, Matrix and their properties, Inner product space, quadratic form, bases and dimension

Real Analysis



Countability, sequence and series, function several variables

Complex analysis



Analytic function, entire function, identity theorem, singularity function, integration, Taylor series

Modern Algebra



Ring theory, group theory, number          theory

Differential equation



ODE and PDE, Boundary Value problem, second-order differential equation, partial differential equation, charpit method, classification, higher-order partial derivatives

Cov, NA and Integral Equation



Neural methods, iteration method, IVP, Markov, LPP

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Memory Based Questions: Download PDF 

Download PDF Mathematical Science 16 Feb Shift 1 (in English)

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