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By Astha Singh|Updated : June 12th, 2022

CSIR NET Mathematical Science 2022 Exam: In the Article on the CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation Tips, the Candidate will find a detailed approach to how to prepare successfully and a clear understanding of the exam pattern, as well as other important tips. The exam is a lengthy preparation that requires a solid understanding of the exam pattern and material. The CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam consists of three parts. Part A contains basic aptitude questions such as series formation and math skills, whereas Parts B and C feature subject-specific questions.

The following article discusses a few crucial points that a candidate studying for the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam should be aware of. Candidates might make their preparation process easier by employing the tactics outlined below.


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CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation

The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam for the recruitment of JRF or Assistant professors in colleges and CSIR laboratories. The CSIR NET Mathematical Science Exam is divided into three sections, each with a total of 120 questions. Section A will assess candidates' general ability, while sections B and C will focus on subject-specific questions. The candidates will secure marks out of 200. Before we get into the CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation Tips and Study Plan, it's important to understand the exam's weightage. A single paper with multiple-choice questions comprises the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam. The exam has a maximum score of 200 marks and an allotted time of 180 minutes. Each component of the paper will assess the candidate's knowledge and grasp of the subject. The following table shows the exam pattern for the CSIR NET Mathematical Science:

Mathematical ScienceTotal No. of questionsMax question to attemptMarks for a correct answerNegative marking 
Part A201520.5
Part B402530.75
Part C60204.750

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation Tips

As we have discussed the importance of a proper study plan in order to not just have conceptual clarification but also to complete the syllabus on time with the revision. These plans can result very efficiently and take you very near to your end goal. 

  • Collect the Resources: Throughout your preparation, your most valuable asset will be your resources. That resource may now be anything that helps you get closer to your objective. The notes that you take in class or the many books that you read along the procedure must be kept up to date.
  • Mark Your Doubts: Highlighting the sections that are significant to you and marking the areas where you have questions will provide you with a clear picture of your preparation and the directions that you still need to work on.
  • Previous Year Question Papers Are Key: To have an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions that you might have to face in the exam, digging into the question papers of the CSIR NET Exam from the previous years will be a great help. 
  • Test Your Knowledge - To understand how far you have come, testing your knowledge is the main task. Point out the random questions from the subjects and try to solve them on your own. Honesty is the key to follow here. 
  • Keep Yourself Updated - Now it might be very obvious but a very important point to take into consideration. Sometimes we get too involved in the study pattern that we created earlier that we tend to avoid the updates. Any stone unturned can rock your boat. 
  • Do Not Get Distracted - There are a lot of talks regarding your study patterns and the amount of time that should be given in order to crack the exam. You don’t need to scratch your head getting confused by the different ideas of preparation. Following one formulated plan can give the sweet taste of the fruit that you have been planning for.
  • The best way to reach your goal is to practice as much as possible: the more you practice, the greater your comprehension develops. So, to prepare for the CSIR NET mock tests, use Byju's Exam Prep Application.
  • Always keep an optimistic attitude: Maintain a cheerful attitude during life's ups and downs. It is necessary for every element of life. Whatever hurdles you face, hard work, strong energy, and a positive mindset will lead to great success.
  • Concentrate on Significant Topics: Make a list of important topics and extensively research them, as well as practice a large number of questions.

CSIR NET Mathematical Science 2022 Study Plan

You should first become familiar with the CSIR NET Mathematical Science syllabus. Then you must create and keep to a timetable that effectively organizes your time as well as the sections that must be finished. You may find and practice several CSIR NET mock tests and previous year's question papers online to assist you to pass the exam. Below is a detailed study plan for CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation.

  • The syllabus should be completely understood: Instead of knowing the entire CSIR NET Mathematical Science Syllabus, concentrate on understanding it. Recognize the subjects that must be covered in papers. It will help you create more effective exam preparation strategies. Make a list of both your weak and strong subjects. You should know where you should spend the most time and effort so you can easily prepare for anything significant. This problem can be solved by reviewing the previous year's study materials and exam papers.

  • Examine Question Papers from Previous Years: You should get a concept of the types of questions that will be asked before sitting the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam. For this, you should continue to practice CSIR NET Mathematical Science Previous Year Papers. This will help in the strengthening of concepts and the reduction of time spent on exam day understanding questions. Learning the methods and twists of questions before the exam will help you avoid making silly blunders. By reviewing earlier articles, you may better assess the wording of issues and clarify your concepts. The most effective and reliable source for exam preparation is the previous year's papers.
  • Understanding the exam pattern: After you've gone over the syllabus, you'll know what topics you need to study. You must first comprehend the CSIR NET Exam Pattern in order to determine the types of questions that will be asked throughout the examination. After you've grasped this, you'll have a clear understanding of how to prepare for the entire exam.

  • The Note's Compilation: Compiling notes and revising them several times is one of the most effective strategies for having a productive exam preparation. Curating your notes is something you should not be afraid to do. Highlight the relevant points in the reference books and write them down somewhere. This practice will also aid in the interrelationship of different syllabus topics, making them easier to understand and remember.

  • Recognize your advantages and disadvantages: Recognize your levels of focus and attempt to enhance them over time. Know your weak areas and concentrate on improving them, as well as your strong areas so you can include them into your approach. You'll also need to determine which elements of the syllabus require the greatest attention and which can be completed in less time. Then you may schedule the rest of your graph based on how much time each topic takes. You will save a significant amount of time as a result of this.

  • Making a Proper Study Plan: Passing the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam without a proper study plan is extremely difficult. According to statistics, the majority of students who pass the CSIR NET exam use a note-taking technique in which they take their own notes to better grasp the subject. It is important to have a clear understanding of the plan that we aim to implement. Unless you are fully committed to studying for the exam, a month is a very short time to prepare. So roll up your sleeves and get to work on a study plan this time.
DaysUnit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
Day 1-5Elementary set theory, finite, countable, and uncountable sets.Algebra of complex numbers, the complex plane, polynomials, power series.Linear integral equation of the first and second kind of Fredholm and Volterra type. Hazard function and failure rates, censoring and life testing, series and parallel systems.
Day 5-10Archimedean property, Real number system as a complete ordered field, supremum, infimum.Transcendental functions such as exponential, trigonometric, and hyperbolic functionsCharacteristic numbers and eigenfunctions, resolvent kernel.Tests of hypotheses, Gauss-Markov models, estimability of a parameter. 
Day 10-15Bolzano Weierstrass theorem, Heine Borel theorem.Cauchy’s theorem,  Liouville’s theorem, Maximum
modulus principle.
Variation of a functional, Euler-Lagrange equation, Necessary and sufficient conditions for extrema.Methods of estimation, properties of estimators, confidence intervals.
Day 15-20Continuity, uniform continuity, differentiability, mean value theorem.Maximum modulus principle, Laurent series Schwarz lemma, Mobius transformations. PDEs.Variational methods for boundary value problems in ordinary and partial differential equations.Confidence intervals, best linear unbiased estimators, tests for linear hypotheses.
Day 20-25Sequences and series of functions, uniform convergence.ODEs, Calculus of residues. Conformal mappings, Taylor series, Open mapping theorem.Lagrange and Charpit methods for solving first-order PDEs, Cauchy problem for first-order PDEs.Simple and multiple linear regression, Distribution of quadratic forms, Analysis of variance and covariance.
Day 20-25Functions of several variables, Normed Linear Spaces.Subspace and product topology, basis, dense sets, compactness, connectedness, and separation axioms.Descriptive statistics, independent events, exploratory, discrete probability.Data Reduction Techniques, Simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and systematic sampling.

Best Books for CSIR NET Mathematical Science 2022 Preparation

The Best Books for the CSIR NET Mathematical Science preparation are given below:

Best Books for CSIR NET Mathematical Science
CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SLET Mathematical Sciences (Paper I & II)Dr A. Kumar
CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Mathematical SciencesAlok Kumar (Upkar)
Basic Course in Real AnalysisS. Kumaresan
Integral Equations & Boundary Value ProblemsDr M. D. Raisinghania


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  • The CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam can easily be cracked with the help of time management. Proper time management requires a well-formulated study plan, and strategy to be followed while preparing for the exam. The candidates preparing for the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam need to stay calm and have a positive approach.

  • In terms of CSIR NET Mathematical Science preparation tips, candidates should concentrate on the important aspects while also working on their weak areas. Candidates should solve CSIR NET Mathematical Science previous year's question papers and CSIR NET mock tests, practice as much as possible, and remain positive throughout the exam.

  • The Best Book for the CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation is CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SLET Mathematical Sciences (Paper I & II) by Dr. A. Kumar, CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Mathematical Sciences by Alok Kumar, Basic Course in Real Analysis by S. Kumaresan, Integral Equations & Boundary Value Problems by Dr. M. D. Raisinghania.

  • Understanding the CSIR NET Mathematical Science Syllabus and the topics that must be covered in the Paper can help you prepare for the exam more effectively. Create a list of both your strong and weak subjects. Candidates should understand where they should devote the most time and effort in order to prepare for anything crucial.

  • In the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam, For part A, every answer contains 2 marks with the deduction of 0.5 marks on the wrong one, Part B contains 3 marks with 0.75 marks of deduction and part C has 4.75 marks per question with 0 negative marking.

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