Do you really need coaching for success in BPSC Exam? Know the Advantages and Disadvantages

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : November 17th, 2021

Do you really need coaching for success in the BPSC Exam: Bihar Public Service Commission conducts a PSC exam every year for the recruitment of various administrative posts. Scoring good plays a vital role every year, below we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of coaching.

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Do you really need coaching for success in BPSC Exam!! Thousands of serious aspirants attempt the every year PSC exam to join a prestigious job in the Bihar state. But few of them can secure the position. Many aspirants spend lakhs of rupee in the coaching to prepare BPSC PSC exam but do not guarantee the ability to crack. The answer to this question "Do you really need coaching for success in BPSC Exam?" totally depends on you. In this article we are providing the pros and cons of coaching, you can choose according to your convenience.

Advantages of Coaching for BPSC Exam

1. Structured Study Plan:

Coaching Institue provides systemic planning of your preparation and covers every aspect related to the exam such as syllabus, preparation revision time, answer writing practice, and so on. The BPSC PSC examination is completed in three Preliminary parts, the Main, and Interview rounds. Each section carries its own importance to pass the exam and the faculty of coaching institutes try to systematically complete the overall syllabus of the exam.

2.  Motivation:

BPSC PSC Aspirants require complete dedication and focus to crack the exam. Any good coaching institute always puts forth engaging strategies to keep aspirants interested in the BPSC PSC exam preparation. In a good coaching centre, the teachers are always working with motivational energy and ensure that their students are up to date with the latest news and world events.

3. Comprehensive & Preplanned Study Material:

There are so many materials, books, notes, and sample papers present in the market in this era. It’s not that simple to search out the most effective sources to complete the syllabus. And by the time you tend to resolve this issue, loads of your time is lost only prolonging the preparation. This is one such aspect that BPSC PSC coaching is quite sensible at. It’s vital to know what to browse and what not to, and the BPSC PSC coaching exactly works on this principle. More than this, they also provide the right BPSC PSC exam study material to cover the entire syllabus on time. 

4. Competition Spirit:

When a candidate gets enrolled in a BPSC PSC coaching, he finds several aspirants from different backgrounds fighting for the same goal. And this helps aspirants to compare their abilities with others. When you are studying alone by yourself, you might get into a false perception about your study plan and pattern, but when you are under the roof of 100+ student’s classrooms, you get an idea about the level of competition. Coaching is helpful in the sense that it arouses the fighting spirit within you, which is imperative to face the BPSC PSC exam. Coaching institutes develop different learning techniques for different types of students which enables their understanding of subjects. They analyze each student and how they understand their concepts

5. Guidance:

Classrooms are a good place to clear all your doubts and understand the topics in a better manner. At BPSC PSC coaching institute’s interactive nature of teaching benefits all the candidates. More than this, the best BPSC PSC coaching invite past BPSC PSC aspirants into the classroom to share their personal insights on these exams and share their secret mantras. The direct and advanced guidance curriculum given at BPSC PSC institutes helps to save time and motivate students to accomplish their preparation goals.

Dis-advantages of Coaching for BPSC Exam

1. Coaching Cost:

To run any coaching there need a lot of staff, teachers, administration, and they all have to make a living, just like everyone else. As a result, they will charge you for their services, But many standard coaching charges too much that every aspirant is not able to afford.  Not every parent can afford extra expenses for higher coaching for their children's studies. 

2. Time Consuming:

Aspirants are always short on time. Hence the most important thing is if it is worth the time that I am spending on coaching. Normally aspirants have to take 3-4 classes daily so they have to invest their 4-5 hours in the coaching session and after that, they get less time to cover up the things in the stipulated time frame.

3. Doubt Clearance:

There are 50+ aspirants in a normal 1-1.5 hour class in any coaching. So if everyone asks their doubt, it will be difficult for a teacher to complete the syllabus in the stipulated time frame. This leads to many students wasn't able to clear their queries in coaching.

Key Point for to decide whether you should go for coaching or not:

  • You know yourself better than anyone else, you know what is your strengths and weaknesses and can set up your own pace of study.
  • Go for self-study if you are disciplined and sincere. Clearing the BPSC PSC exam requires single-minded focus and hard work. If you have these qualities, you don’t need any coaching for BPSC PSC Exam.
  • We at grade up also provide a lot of free content, study material that will also help you to boost your preparation  

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