SBI PO Preparation Strategy - How to Prepare For SBI PO?

SBI PO Preparation Strategy - How to Prepare For SBI PO?

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: May 12, 2023
SBI PO Preparation 2023: Know how to prepare for the SBI PO exam. Check the detailed subject-wise SBI PO Preparation Tips for English, Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude.

The SBI PO Preparation Strategy will help the candidates gain a thorough understanding of the subjects. The SBI PO Preparation is not as complicated as it might seem if you follow a dedicated study plan and be consistent in your efforts. Here, we have provided SBI PO preparation strategy and tips to help candidates figure out how to start their exam preparation

The first important requirement before commencing your SBI PO preparation is to find quality study material, which includes good books that may help clarify your basic concepts and give you enough questions to practice. The next step is to create a proper study schedule to help you achieve your desired goal. Candidates can refer to some handy and simple SBI PO preparation strategies and tips mentioned below.

How to Prepare For SBI PO Exam?

As the SBI PO notification is officially out, the candidates preparing for the much-awaited SBI PO Exam must be on their toes now. To help you in this journey, we have provided the detailed SBI PO preparation strategy below. As much as it is essential to have a comprehensive plan, it is equally important to follow the plan to be fully prepared. The best way to start your SBI PO preparation is to have a well-organized study plan in which all the important topics are covered, giving extra importance to the topics with the highest marks.

If you are too overwhelmed and puzzled right now, you can simply refer to the SBI PO Study Plan in detail and plan your preparation accordingly by analyzing the number of hours you can give. By referring to this plan, you will surely be able to figure out how to prepare for SBI PO without coaching. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is equally necessary before deeply delving into the SBI PO preparation. You must follow a simple plan with dedication, consistency, and perseverance. Here are a few key points that you must take note of before starting your exam preparation:

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest SBI PO exam pattern.
  • Understand the new changes introduced in the exam and plan your SBI PO preparation accordingly
  • Identify the important topics of the SBI PO syllabus.
  • Prioritize your important subjects and especially the weaker ones.

SBI PO Preparation 2023

If you make the best use of the days beforehand, you can easily crack the exam. A major part of your SBI PO preparation time has passed, as the exam will be conducted soon now. The candidates should remember that proper management of time and resources is the key to attaining success and the only way to fulfil your SBI PO preparation.

SBI PO Preparation Strategy and Tips

The candidates must know that SBI has removed the sectional cutoff in the PO Prelims and Mains exams and added a sectional time limit. As there is no sectional cutoff, each section will be individually timed; thus, candidates cannot focus on just one section to crack this exam. They need to study each topic thoroughly to make it to the merit list of SBI PO. Here, we have listed a few points you must remember during the SBI PO Preparation.

  • Speed up: Online examinations are all about speed. Both SBI PO Prelims and Mains examinations require good speed from the candidates, along with attempting a good number of questions and focusing on accuracy. How do you achieve that? The answer is pretty simple: Practice! You need to practice as many questions as possible if you want to score well on the exam. You should attempt at least one SBI PO mock test before starting with the preparation. This will help not only with your speed but accuracy as well.
  • Accuracy: As aforementioned, 'accuracy' is another major thing you must develop while appearing for an online exam. There’s no point attempting 60 questions in the SBI PO Prelims exam if you cannot attempt them correctly. Attempting questions with accuracy is essential because you cannot afford to put your correctly attempted questions at stake.
  • Qualifying Nature of SBI PO Prelims: A Preliminary exam is just 'qualifying' in nature. In simple terms, you need to attempt a sufficient number of questions to be shortlisted for the Mains exam. In simple terms, you must attempt a good number of questions accurately. Do not give less importance to the Prelims exam than the Mains in your SBI PO preparation. It can lead to a negative result.
  • Selection of Questions: The selection of questions is a major thing that can change your game in an online examination and should be a target point in your SBI PO preparation strategy and follow the same in your Mains. Now to achieve that, you need to attempt the questions smartly. For instance, if you take too much time reading a passage, there is no point in attempting an RC first. It would be better to go for a cloze test, spotting errors and filler-based questions at the start of this section, which will easily fetch you marks.

SBI PO Preparation Strategy For English

The English Language section has always been confusing for banking aspirants. If prepared adequately, it can be a scoring section too. The English Language section tests the candidates for their grammar knowledge, reading, and language skills. It also checks a candidate's ability to absorb in the stipulated time. We shared a few SBI PO preparation strategies and tips that might help you score well.

  • Develop the habit of reading regularly. Read English newspapers, novels, articles, or journals, whichever you are comfortable with. This will help you not only in improving your vocabulary and comprehension but also your general knowledge.
  • Practice grammar exercises frequently.
  • Brush up your Grammar rules so that you don't commit silly errors under pressure.
  • Communicate in English with your peers as much as possible.

For a much more detailed view of the preparation of this section, you can go through some more tips on how to prepare English for SBI PO 2023 and strengthen your basics. Apart from that, you should also know the important topics in the SBI PO English section that you need to focus on. Some of the important topics are:

SBI PO Preparation Strategy For Reasoning

The second most crucial section in SBI PO preparation is the Reasoning Ability section. As the name suggests, this section checks the candidates' ability to 'reason' and apply logic to a particular situation or problem. It can be tricky sometimes, but regular practice can get you enough marks to qualify for the next phase. Candidates can easily refer to the SBI PO preparation strategy and other important tips for Reasoning and get better clarity.

Several topics appear in this section, and you must know all their concepts. Puzzles, for example, form an essential and chunky part of the SBI PO preparation. You have to practice as many puzzles as possible so that you can solve any kind of puzzle you witness in the exam. Apart from puzzles/seating arrangements, you have to also pay equal attention to other topics that form an equally important part of the Reasoning section. Here are a few important topics that you should focus on during SBI PO preparation.

SBI PO Preparation Strategy For Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative Aptitude section is another of the most important sections in the exam. You need to be able to attempt enough questions in this section, keeping accuracy in mind. As much as candidates dread this section, it can be quite scoring. Read here to learn how to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SBI PO. Although, speed will also play an equally important part in your score. To attain perfection, you need to practice Quant questions regularly.

By attempting mock tests sincerely, you will be able to gradually get hold of your concepts, speed, and accuracy. Have a look at some of the important topics in this section:

The SBI PO exam is surely a tough nut to crack but not an impossible one. Anyone can easily crack this exam with the right guidance, useful resources, correct preparation strategy, and complete dedication. A few basic things one must follow religiously to ensure success in an online exam. You must stick to the SBI PO preparation strategy and focus on smart work rather than hard work.

How To Prepare For SBI PO Interview?

During the interview process, candidates will be questioned about themselves and their professional backgrounds. With the help of these SBI PO Interview questions, one may evaluate their level of confidence, areas for progress, and strengths and weaknesses. Candidates must follow the SBI PO Preparation strategy and tips below to ace the interview.

  • Stay updated on news stories and subjects pertaining to banking awareness.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop clarity and confidence when responding to inquiries.
  • In order to prepare effective responses, try to anticipate inquiries based on your job description.
  • You should have a good understanding of financial terminology, how financial institutions operate, and banking lingo.
  • Practice chatting with family members or in front of a mirror to hone your communication abilities.
  • Try to pick up some new and formal terms.

FAQs on SBI PO Preparation

  • Candidates can refer to the SBI PO preparation strategy and tips which can help them in giving a good head-start but eventually, they will have to mould the tips as per your requirements and abilities. Candidates should analyze their weak and strong areas and devise a strategy that suits them.

  • There is no hard and fast rule about the duration for SBI PO preparation. With enough dedication and smart work, you can crack the exam easily. You just need to follow the SBI PO preparation strategy religiously, and you will attain success.

  • There are three subjects in the SBI PO Prelims exam, i.e., Reasoning Ability, English Language, and Quantitative Aptitude. All these three subjects hold equal weightage in the Prelims; thus, they all are important in scoring good marks.

  • The word 'qualifying' for SBI PO Prelims means that the marks secured in this phase will not be counted in the final selection. It will only let a candidate enter the second phase, i.e., SBI PO Mains.

  • Mock tests play a very important role and can be really helpful in your SBI PO preparation. Mock tests provide the actual exam-like experience. They help you prepare and score better on the exam.

  • Yes, there are sectional timings in both the SBI PO Prelims and Mains exam. Yes, the fact that the exam has sectional timings will surely affect your SBI PO preparation as you will have to work even more efficiently to develop your speed and accuracy in the exam.

  • Candidates can prepare for the exam in 2 months by following the below-mentioned SBI PO preparation strategy:

    • Understand every topic listed in the SBI PO syllabus.
    • Practise mock tests.
    • Complete numerous timed questions to increase your speed and accuracy.
    • To understand all of the topics, candidates must purchase SBI PO books.
    • Candidates need to set a realistic schedule.

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