Alphanumeric Series for Bank Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : May 15, 2021, 11:00

The term alphanumeric means a combination of numbers and alphabets. In competitive exams,  alphanumeric questions appear frequently. Alphanumeric series problems in bank exams might include upper and lower case alphabets, symbols, and punctuation marks. These questions are easy to solve and carry a considerable weightage in the reasoning section.

Candidates wishing to enter the banking sector have to prepare for alphanumeric series topics for bank exams. All the preliminary government exams have alphanumeric series problems. However, the probability of alphanumeric series online tests for bank exams are high in IBPS, SBI, PO, SO, and other such exams. This article provides alphanumeric series tricks for bank exams for efficient preparation of this topic.

Important Alphanumeric Series Topics



Missing Series

A series of alphabets and numbers are given in a specified pattern. Identify that pattern to find the missing element.

Alphabet Number Symbol

A series, in a format that consists of alphabets, numbers, and different symbol. The questions are asked based on it.

Only Alphabetic Series

A series of only English alphabets set in a specific pattern.  The questions might be asked on the basis of finding the missing element or creating a new series.  

Only Numerical Series

A series consisting of only numbers set in a specified pattern. The questions are asked based on the rearrangement of numbers or placing the digits in ascending or descending orders.

Tips to Solve Alphanumeric Series Questions

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the alphanumeric series topic:

  • Analyse the alphanumeric pattern and try to crack that pattern for the pattern-based series. Generally, these questions consist of changes in the ascending or descending order of the pattern. 
  • There is no pattern in the short series, which mainly comprises alphabets, numbers, and symbols. In these, check the questions and straightway answer them.
  • In the missing number series, check the entire series to find the answer and recheck the series to ensure there is no error.
  • Solving previous years alphanumeric series quizzes for bank exams might help in understanding the type of questions being asked.

Importance of Alphanumeric Series in Competitive Government & Banking Exams

  • The alphanumeric series syllabus for bank exams carries a considerable weightage in the reasoning section of the banking exams.
  • Thorough knowledge of the topic makes it easy for candidates to solve the alphanumeric series problems.
  • The familiarity of tips and tricks to solve this topic ensures low scope of mistakes.
  • The candidates should practice solving questions to increase their speed in solving alphanumeric series questions.

Most Recommended Books for Alphanumeric Series  

There are a lot of alphanumeric series questions and answers pdf for the bank exam available online to understand the fundamentals of alphanumeric series problems. Candidates are required to practice by solving problems and understand the alphanumeric series formula for bank exams given in reference books. The most recommended books for alphanumeric problems are: 

Book Name & Author 

Comprehensive Guide to IBPS Bank Exam by Disha Experts

Bank PO Solved Papers Quantitative Aptitude by Arihant Experts 

Success Master IBPS CWE-VIII Bank PO Preliminary Examination by Arihant Experts

101 Speed Test for IBPS & PO by Disha Experts

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In the below statement, how many vowels are preceded by the symbol?


Statement: A * 5 9 I N & E @ # U 1 &


  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four 
  • None


Option b is correct. Two vowels- ‘U’ is preceded by ‘#’ and ‘E’ is preceded by ‘&’.


In the below series, which is the second element to the left of the sixth element from the right?


B * 6 8 J L % U @ # V 3 &


  • @
  • &
  • L
  • U
  • 8


Option c is correct. The sixth element from the left is U, and second to its left is L.


Which number becomes the highest when its digits are arranged in ascending order?

  • 589
  • 768
  • 321
  • 742


Option b is correct. The ascending order series becomes:

589 — 589

768 — 678

321 — 123

742 — 247

How many consonants are immediately followed by symbols and preceded by a number in the below series?



@ 2 7 H P N 7 T & ? U E


  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • None


Option a is correct. “T” is followed by “&” and preceded by 7.

In the given series, when numbers are multiplied with each other, whose product would be lowest?



435 224 786 823 902


  • 435
  • 224
  • 789
  • 823
  • 902


Option e is correct. Any number multiplied with 0 would be 0, which is the lowest.