Simplification and Approximation for Bank Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Oct 5, 2020, 17:29

The process of breaking down a long arithmetical calculation into simple parts and then solving it is known as a simplification. An approximation is a process of rounding off for simplicity in a calculation (like 2.003, taken as 2). Both are an important component of the quantitative section of bank exams. Questions on simplification and approximation for bank exams help candidates to score good marks and therefore, many of them use simplification and approximation pdf download of previous bank exam questions as an important study material. You can easily get simplification and approximation previous years’ questions from BYJU'S Exam Prep.

At BYJU'S Exam Prep, we offer study courses which prepare aspirants using simplification and approximation quiz for bank exams and equip them with simplification and approximation tricks for bank exams - students find it easy to approach exams like, RBI Officer Grade B and Assistants Grade; SBI PO, Special Officer (SO), Circle based officer (CBO) and Clerical Grade; IBPS RRB, PO, SO, Clerical Grade; NABARD Grade A & B.  

Important Simplification and Approximation Topics



The BODMAS rule

The order of operation for solving an expression is,

1)  Simplify the term inside the Bracket. 2) The second process involves working on the exponents and roots. (Of)  3) Next is the Division. 4) Then, Multiplication. 5) The addition is next. 6) The last one, Subtractions.

 Solving a given problem in the wrong order will give you the wrong answer. 

Polynomial Equation (An equation made up of numbers & variables)

 Formulas for solving such equations like, (a+b)2, (a3+b3) are to be remembered.

Ratio & Proportion

Basic school level concepts

Time and Distance

Remembering basic formula ,d= rt

Unitary method

Finding the value of a unit first from the value of a multiple.


Geometric method of measurement

Basic Geometry

Basic  school level concepts

Tips to Solve Simplification and Approximation Questions:

A) Remember the rules related to simplification:

  • Replace of by multiplication and, / by division.
  • BODMAS - operations in the correct priorities.
  • Both Division and Multiplication have the same priority. The operation which is appearing on the left, to be attempted first.
  • Same priority for Additions and Subtractions.
  • Decimals may be rounded off the nearest integer (164.6 to be taken as 165)
  • Try to  memorise squares (1 to 30  at least) and cubes(1 to 15) of numbers
  • Remember common fraction values (like, 5% is 0.05 , 10% is 0.1 and 100% is 1 , 250% is 2.5 etc)
  • Have a clear concept of Reciprocals ( a number divided by 1) and for a fraction, it is reversing the numerator/denominator (1/6 becomes 6/1).

B) Other Tips

  • Study the question carefully and understand the total logic before you start solving so that you work with only one logic/option.
  • Practise with the time tested method of mock tests and solving previous years’ papers.

Importance of Simplification in the Quantitative Section of Competitive Banking & Government Exams

  • Simplification questions are an important component of the quantitative section.
  • Helps candidates to score high marks.
  • Problems are easy to solve using basic mathematics and can be grasped with regular practice.
  • Knowledge of a few simplification tricks can help in quick solutions leading to better overall scores.

If you practice hard and remember the rules, it could well be one of your simplification and approximation tricks for bank exams success.

Recommended Best Books for Simplification and Approximation for Bank Exams 

Book Title


Quantitative Aptitude


Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma

Data Interpretation

Arun Sharma

Also, you should include the simplification and approximation questions for bank exams (past years) as part of your preparation.

Why prepare Simplification and Approximation from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

  • BYJU'S Exam Prep offers interactive online courses for various bank exams.
  • Courses are designed to cover the complete syllabus, including chapters on Simplification and Approximation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I solve simplification and approximation quickly?
    By remembering a few basic concepts clearly –Like BODMAS, Squares and Cubes of numbers, Reciprocals, Unitary method, Ratio and proportion.
  • How should I prepare to improve my scores on Simplification?
    Regular practice and solving test papers; taking simplification and approximation questions as a quiz will help you in preparing for bank exams.
  • Does a background in mathematics help in bank exams?
    Yes, a good numerical ability helps to score better in the quantitative- section. But the success depends on the overall score, where other sections also count.
  • Is there online help available for preparations for bank exams?
    Yes, several websites offer free as well as paid online courses. BYJU'S Exam Prep offers many choices which can prepare you well for the exams.
  • I am not good in Maths-can I still answer all questions on simplification?
    Yes, if you prepare well and remember basic tips, like the BODMAS rule etc you can score well.

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