SBI PO Study Plan 2022: Day-wise Study Plan to Crack SBI PO Exam

SBI PO Study Plan 2022: Day-wise Study Plan to Crack SBI PO Exam

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Sep 26, 2022
Check the SBI PO Study Plan 2022 in detail and prepare for the exam accordingly. Find 41 day detailed subject-wise, topic-wise study schedule including all the subjects with revision tips for SBI PO 2022.
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SBI PO Study Plan is one of the most valuable resources you will need while preparing for your exam. Having endless sources of information today on the internet can sometimes make it quite overwhelming. Maintaining your balance and managing your study schedule is an important task. You must prioritize and give equal importance to each subject if you want to score well in the SBI PO exam. SBI PO study plan will come to your rescue here and will assist in giving you a proper headstart.

Scoring well in the exam combines your well-thought-out preparation strategy, aligned with hard work, commitment, speed, and accuracy. SBI PO can be counted as a most-awaited exam that may pose many surprises concerning the difficulty level and the pattern of the questions. So, you must be well prepared for any googly coming your way. As the SBI PO 2022 notification is officially out now, candidates need to be on their toes and pace up their exam preparation.

SBI PO Study Plan 2022

The SBI PO notification 2022 has been released after a long wait. Looking at the heavy competition, it is advised that the candidates stay well prepared to save enough time for revision. Cracking an exam requires patience, practice, perseverance, smart work, dedication, and the right guidance. That's where SBI PO Study Plan comes into play. Just enough hours of study and proper planning with a fair idea of the important topics would help you to clear the exam this year. Thus here we are with the detailed SBI PO Study Plan 2022 for English, Reasoning, and Numerical Ability sections that will help you nail the Prelims and Mains exam.

The Preliminary exam is followed by the Mains exam, a group discussion, and a personal interview round. As per the last year's trend, the online objective type examination is generally held within one or two months after the official notification is released.

IBPS and SBI Course 2022

How much time is sufficient for SBI PO preparation?

Many aspirants had already started preparing for SBI PO, which is the correct way of doing it. The right approach to preparing for any competitive exam should never depend on the notification announcement or the release of the exam dates. You will have enough time to prepare for the Prelims and the Main exam even if you are an average student. The key is to make a proper SBI PO study plan and not wait for the official notification and stay prepared anyway. Your preparation might come in handy while appearing for other similar exams also.

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Every year lakhs of candidates apply for the SBI PO exam, many of which are preparing for the last couple of years. Keeping this thing in your mind, you should plan your strategy wisely. Considering the importance of the exam, we are providing you with the daily updated SBI PO study plan 2022 so that you can kick start your preparation from today. Target SBI PO 2022 with this Day-wise study plan.

Why is it important to follow a study plan from the first day?

Following a timetable eliminates the chances of skipping important topics. An effective and well-organized study plan must be followed with the determination to achieve your desired job and get fruitful results. SBI PO study plan should be solely based on an analytical approach as mentioned here:

  • How many free hours do you have in a single day regularly?
  • What can be covered in the beginning, and what can be skipped for later?
  • How to prepare for the important chapter/topics and procure the course material?
  • How to create an effective environment conducive to a definitive study to gain desirable results? For example, students can switch off their mobile phones during study hours for a designated period.

SBI PO Study Plan 2022: English, Reasoning, Numerical Ability

Here is the day-wise SBI PO study plan to supplement you with the desirable planning and to help you manage important and must-do topics to save you from last-minute hassle after the release of the notification.

Without much contemplation, don't forget to bookmark this article and attempt the quiz daily. After attempting the mini quiz, analyze your weak areas and try to improvise on them. Know what you need to polish more to secure your future with the State Bank of India.

DayQuantitative AptitudeReasoningEnglish
(Day 1)InequalityNoun pronoun

(Day 2)

Simplification and approximation

Square Root

Revise Cube Root

Order & RankingAdjective & Adverb

(Day 3)

Quadratic Equation

Tables up to 30

Squares up to 50


(Day 4)

Number series

Alphanumeric SeriesSubject-verb agreement
(Day 5)AverageRevise inequalityOrder, and rankingRevise Adjective adverb
(Day 6)PercentageRevise syllogismSubject-verb agreement
(Day 7)Ratio proportionDirection distanceParajumble
(Day 8)Revise Previous TopicsBlood relationRevise Subject verb agreement
(Day 9)Time & workCoding decodingParajumble
(Day 10)PartnershipRevise direction sense & blood relationCloze test
(Day 11)Time speed distanceNotes on Input & Output DevicesRevise Previous Topics
(Day 12)Revise previous topicsTabulationFill in the blanks
(Day 13)MensurationRankingError Spotting
(Day 14)Sequence & SeriesAlphabet TestMultiple Meaning
(Day 15)squaresSitting Arrangement

Sentence Improvement

(Day 16)Permutation & CombinationStatements & Assumptions

Synonyms and Antonyms

(Day 17)ProbabilityRevise Previous Topics

Revise Previous Topics

(Day 18)Revise Covered TopicsAlphanumeric Series

Ace Reading Comprehension

(Day 19)Revise Sequence & SeriesRevise Alphanumeric Series

Revise Ace Reading Comprehension

(Day 20)Revise Time & WorkOrder & Ranking

Noun Pronoun

(Day 21)Profit loss & DiscountRevise Inequality Cloze test 
(Day 22)Simple interest & Compound Interest InequalityAce Reading Comprehension
(Day 23)simple interest & Compound Interest   InequalityAce Reading Comprehension 
(Day 24)Revise Probability Sitting Arrangement Revise Synonyms and Antonyms  
(Day 25) Profit loss & Discount  Statements & AssumptionsPara jumble 
(Day 26)simple interest & Compound Interest Revise direction sense & blood relation Fill in the blanks 
(Day 27)Revise PartnershipRankingMultiple Meaning
(Day 28)Mixture & AlligationTabulation Revise Previous topics 

(Day 29)

 Revise MensurationRevise Blood relationRevise Parajumble
(Day 30)Age Statements & AssumptionsSentence Completion 
(Day 31) Profit loss & DiscountSitting Arrangement Sentence Improvement 
(Day 32)Mixture & Alligation  Inequality Fill in the blanks 
(Day 33)Age Revise SyllogismRevise Subject verb agreement 
(Day 33)simple interest & Compound Interest Direction distanceAdjective & Adverb
(Day 34)Revise Mixture & Alligation Blood relation Noun Pronoun 
(Day 35)Partnership ReviseOrder & Ranking  ReviseAce Reading Comprehension Revise
(Day 36) Profit loss & Discount Revise Inequality ReviseFill in the blanks Revise
(Day 37)simple interest & Compound Interest  ReviseDirection distance ReviseMultiple Meaning Revise
(Day 38)Revise Mixture & Alligation Revise SyllogismRevise Sentence Completion  
(Day 39)Time speed distance ReviseSeating Arrangement ReviseError Spotting Revise
(Day 40)Age ReviseRanking ReviseRevise Subject-verb agreement Revise
(Day 41)Permutation & Combination Revise Inequality ReviseCloze test Revise

SBI PO Preparation: General Tips

SBI PO, one of the most aspired job positions in the country, demands a lot of hard work, dedication and patience from the aspirants. The competition is surely something that can not be ignored here. But, always remember that you are fighting for just 'one' seat. If you are sincere enough and give in your 100 per cent, you surely will be able to make it. Here are a few pointers you can consider while preparing for your exam.

  • Always start from scratch level. Clear your basic concepts for the Reasoning and quant section.
  • Check the SBI PO exam pattern and syllabus to have a fair idea of what you have to cover.
  • Scan through the previous years' papers to know more about the important topics.
  • Work on your basic calculation part. Learn square and cube roots.
  • Revise chapter-wise and then take a full-length mock test at the end of the week.
  • Analyze your performance and work on the weak areas.
  • Set a small goal that is practically achievable.
  • Target to attempt 80+ in the Prelims exam.
  • Work on your speed and accuracy.
  • After working on the conceptual approach, do not forget to maintain time in each section.
  • Once your basics are clear, learn short tricks to complete the questions within seconds.
  • Do not waste time; devote a maximum of your time refining weak points.
  • Follow this study plan rigorously for fruitful results.

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SBI PO Study Plan FAQs

  • The SBI PO exam is an important one and thus requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you put in sincere effort religiously, devoting 3-4 hours daily will help you crack the SBI PO exam easily.

  • With a proper study plan and material, you can crack the SBI PO exam in 2 months. You need to be self-aware of your goals and aspirations as well to be able to achieve success in the end. Following the SBI PO study plan without fail will surely let you score well.

  • Regular practice and consistent following of the study plan will help you ace the exam without coaching. Any competitive exam similar to SBI PO demands consistency on the candidates' end. Having the right resources and utilizing them correctly is the key to success.

  • You can check the SBI PO study plan provided on our page above, which our subject experts have prepared to help you easily sail through the competition. You will surely be able to clarify all your doubts and score well easily if you follow the plan religiously. 

  • Yes, of course. Mock tests play a critical role in preparing for an online examination which is mostly the case these days. Attempting SBI PO mock tests will help you identify your weaknesses and also let you pick up speed along with accuracy.

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