What is the SI unit of Speed?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Metre per second is the SI unit of speed. It is denoted by m/s or m s–1. The other units of speed include centimetre per second and kilometre per hour.

Answer: The SI unit of speed is metre per second. It is denoted as m/s.

Speed of an object can be defined as the distance traveled by it in a unit of time. Speed and velocity have the same units. The speed of an object moving in a definite direction is called its velocity. It can be varied by changing the speed of the object, direction of motion, or both. When an object travels equal distances in equal intervals of time, then it is said to be moving with uniform speed.

More About Speed

Some points related to Speed are:

  • It can be calculated by dividing the total distance covered by an object by total time taken.

  • The device that measures speed is a speedometer or odometer.

  • It helps in determining which object is moving faster than the other.

  • The fastest possible speed at which energy or information can travel is the speed of light in a vacuum.

  • Speed at some instant during a very short period of time is known as instantaneous speed.

  • The average speed of an object is determined by dividing the total distance covered divided from the time interval.

  • Tangential speed is the distance traveled in linear speed per unit of time.


What is the SI unit of Speed?

The SI unit of speed is kilometre per hour or metre per second or centimetre per second. It is the magnitude of the change of an object’s position over time.

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