Last 1 Month Strategy for RBI Assistant Prelims 2022: Check Important Tips and Tricks

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The last 1 Month’s RBI Assistant preparation strategy will be very much helpful for the students going to take the exam next month. Your entire preparation will be ineffective if you do not have a clear plan. Your objective should be to perform excellently on the exam without any issue. Thus, it is important to plan a strategy for the last 1 month to ace the RBI Assistant Prelims 2022 exam.

To help you overcome this situation, we have prepared the RBI Assistant Prelims last 1 Month’s study plan to enable you to strategize your exam preparation and score better marks in the RBI Assistant 2022 exam hassle-free. You are advised to go through the preparation strategy and study plan provided in this article.

Last 1 Month Study Plan for RBI Assistant Prelims Exam

Let’s go through the last 1 Month’s study plan and revision strategy for the upcoming RBI Assistant Prelims 2022 exam. Try to stick to this study plan. Kindly go through the below study plan and change it as per your strengths and weakness.


Topics to be covered

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11
  • Quant: Partnership
  • Reasoning: Alphanumeric series
  • English: Cloze test
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15

Day 16 -25

  • Attempt 2 mock tests per day and analyze on the same day itself.
  • Analysis of mock tests is one of the integral parts of preparation. So take this seriously.
  • Give special emphasis to weak chapters.

Last 3-5 days

You can practice the most expected questions in the RBI Assistant Test series of BYJU’S Exam Prep’s Bank Test series.

Last 1 Month Strategy for RBI Assistant Prelims

Let’s discuss the important points to keep in mind in the last 1 month of your RBI Assistant prelims 2022 preparation.

1. Comprehensive Understanding of Exam Pattern

Kindly go through the exam pattern below-








20 Minutes 

Numerical Ability 



20 Minutes 

Reasoning Ability 



20 Minutes 


To understand the exam pattern completely, you must go through the RBI Assistant Exam pattern. Before moving forward, you must know the RBI Assistant Syllabus to not miss any single chapter.

2. Plan your Preparation –

  • We’re presuming at this stage that you’re familiar with all of the fundamental concepts of various topics from the standard books.
  • Make a daily timetable covering each section of the RBI Assistant exam. Give equal emphasis to each and every chapter on a regular basis.

3. Focus on Time Management –

  • Without time management skills, you can not clear this exam. So you must keep track of your time spent while solving the RBI Assistant Prelims question paper.
  • You can develop this skill by attempting mock tests regularly. Try to maintain a proper balance between speed and accuracy.
  • Analyze the mock test effectively by focussing on key areas like speed, accuracy, percentile, and weak areas.

To watch concept classes and chapter-wise sessions by exam-qualified experts, you can try our RBI Assistant Online Coaching.

4.  Plan your Mock test Attempt Strategy –

  • The most critical aspect of any preparation is to take online mock tests. This can be proved to be the ultimate game-changer.
  • By taking mock examinations on a regular basis, you might get a sense of what it’s like to take the real exam.
  • Exam anxiety can be reduced by taking mock examinations on a regular basis. In the last 30 days, try to take one mock test on a regular basis.
  • While evaluating mock tests, try to find a way to solve a problem in the most effective way to save time in the actual exam.

5. Avoid Negative Marking

  • Accuracy plays a major role in the RBI Assistant exam.
  • Strictly avoid wild guessing in any of the sections.

6. Say Not to New Topics 

Start reading and preparing new concepts later. This could jeopardize your entire planning strategy. Instead of looking for new topics, go over the ones you currently have.

This is all about RBI Assistant Prelims 2022  Tips & Revision Strategy for the last 30 days. We hope you find the study plan and preparation recommendations to be helpful in a variety of ways and that you can put them to good use.

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Last 1 Month Strategy for RBI Assistant Prelims 2022: Check Important Tips and Tricks

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