How to Score 25+ in English Language of IBPS Clerk 2022 Prelims

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Tips to Score 25+ in IBPS Clerk English Section: When it comes to banking exams, the candidate’s primary concern is “How to Score 25+ in IBPS Clerk English Section”. Every student studying for IBPS Clerk wishes to achieve a score of more than 25 in the English part of the SBI Clerk Prelims exam, as it contains the most difficult questions and requires exceptional grammatical skills to pass.

IBPS Clerk Prelims 2022 will be conducted on 28th August, 3rd September, and 9th September 2022. There are a total of 3 sections in IBPS Clerk, these are Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, and English Language.

It has been found that when it comes to the section of English Language, candidates are successfully able to attempt around 15-20 questions, but they often fail to clear the sectional cut-off due to the lack of accuracy. 

In these last few months of the preparation phase, you need to focus hard and work on your weaknesses in the English section to qualify for the preliminary stage and move to the next phase of the exam.

Below, we have provided some easy yet useful preparation tips and strategies, which will help you in maintaining speed and accuracy. This Preparation Strategy will not only help you in clearing the sectional cut-off but also these can boost their overall score in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2022 by obtaining a high score in the English section.  

IBPS Clerk English Preparation Strategy to Score 25+

Mentioned below are the most important sections asked in IBPS Clerk 2020 English Language. We have discussed some section-wise strategies to help candidates in attempting the questions from these sections:

  • Reading Comprehension: This is the most important part of your IBPS Clerk English preparation. You will be asked for two passages. Each passage set will have five questions. To make sure that you can solve such questions, you should be in the habit of reading passages online. Improving your command of vocabulary will help you in solving vocabulary-based questions such as synonyms and antonyms.
    Sometimes you will also be asked inference-based questions. 
  • Cloze Test: In the questions of the Cloze Test, there is a paragraph with blanks. Aspirants are given choices to fill the correct option against every blank. The options are close enough, so you need to have a strong vocabulary to be able to attempt these questions correctly.
  • Para jumbles: The questions of para jumbles involve 5-6 sets of questions, where you are required to arrange the set of sentences to form a meaningful paragraph.
  • Error Correction: In these questions, either a large sentence will be broken down into parts, where one part contains an error or the second type of error correction questions include a set of sentences, and you are required to identify the sentence which contains an error. 
    One of the easiest ways to solve the questions based on Error Correction is by using the process of elimination. You will be able to remove two options by using this process. Out of the two remaining options, you can choose the correct choice by applying the knowledge of Grammar.
  • Single/Double fillers: These types of questions are asked in the form of fill in the blanks types questions. In these types of questions, candidates are given either one or two blanks in a sentence, against which four options are given. You need to select the correct option which fits the blanks. An easy way to attempt these questions is to first focus on one blank – choose the most appropriate option. Say two options go with the first blank.
    Now, you can choose the second option by applying the process of elimination. Make sure that you read the sentence after inserting the words so that the sentence is making sense and is grammatically correct.
  • Match the Column: In these types of questions, two columns are given. Each column contains three sets of phrases. There are four options containing the set of matched phrases, and the correct option needs to be chosen. Rather than viewing the options, you can devise a different strategy for solving such questions. You can choose a phrase from column 1 and choose the matching phrase from column 2, which goes with it. Apply the same process for the other two phrases of column 1. This will lead you to the correct option.

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Mentioned below are some easy ways which will help you tremendously in improving your score in the English Language section:

  • Develop the habit of reading: If you inculcate the habit of reading, you can score better in the section of English Language. By developing the habit of reading, you will be able to improve your vocabulary and thus add to your stock of words. The habit of reading will also help you in comprehending the passage questions faster thus, you will be better able to solve the questions of Reading Comprehension.
  • Watch movies/documentaries with subtitles: Rather than wasting time on social media, you can utilize your free time in watching informative documentaries which contain subtitles. The availability of the subtitles will ease your understanding and at the same time will also help you in knowing the usage of Grammar rules.

Attempt English Language Quiz

If you have any queries regarding the preparation of the section on the English Language, feel free to post your query in the comment section, and we will try to revert at the earliest. These were some of the tips to increase your score in the English Language. Learn to manage your time, which is possible by attempting mock tests. 

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