What are the Antonyms of Enormous?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The antonyms of the word Enormous are miniature, small, teeny, little, ordinary, insignificant, minuscule, diminutive, etc. The meaning of enormous is large or very big.

Answer: Enormous antonyms are small, undersized, puny, mini, little, bitty, micro, bantam, microminiature, infinitesimal, etc.

The synonyms of Enormous are colossal, giant, gigantic, hefty, huge, jumbo, ginormous, large, mammoth, massive, outsize, elephantine, gargantuan, oversize, prodigious, etc. Some statements that contain the word enormous are the difference between the number of votes of two political parties was enormous, he is a manager and earns an enormous salary, There is an enormous house opposite my building, etc.


What are the Antonyms of Enormous?

The antonyms of enormous are small, micro, little, minute, tiny, etc. Enormous means something that is huge, greatly exceeding the common size, extent, etc.

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