ECGC PO 2022 Exam Last Minute Preparation & Revision Tips

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The ECGC PO test is only a few days away! The applicants who will be appearing on 29th May 2022 should review the last-minute tips to prepare for the ECGC PO exam. These preparation tips for ECGC PO will help applicants prepare for the exam. This article has useful tips for applicants who will be taking the ECGC PO examination.

The candidates will be selected through an online examination and an interview by the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC). To get the final selection, an aspirant must qualify for each level separately. We have offered last-minute tips to prepare for the ECGC PO exam in this article. This will assist and guide applicants for your upcoming ECGC PO exam.

Last-minute Tips to Prepare for ECGC PO Exam

With only a few days until the ECGC PO exam, it’s important to develop a solid revision approach that leaves no stone unturned. That is why we need to talk about some last-minute tips to prepare for the ECGC PO exam. Here are some preparation tips for ECGC PO to help you get on the fast track to revision.

Great Revision is Must for the ECGC PO exam 

The theory is essential for gaining the most comprehensive understanding of banking. It combines comprehensive banking knowledge with a distinctive structure. As a result, for success and development, every aspirant must concentrate on the theoretical aspect. It strengthens the fundamentals of banking as well as the concentration of the bank exam preparation.

Stay Relax 

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of remaining fresh on exam day. The night before the exam, avoid studying. Relax your mind so that you can wake up fresh for your exam. Lack of sleep the night before the exam should not be the cause of poor performance thus, ensure that you get enough rest.

Say No to New Topics

Avoid learning any new topic or concept that you haven’t already explored. Any new thought or topic chosen at this time may leave you perplexed. Instead, go over everything you’ve done before and revise what you’ve already done.

Be on Time for the  ECGC PO Exam Day

Do you have any concerns about the location of your examination centre? If this is the case, do not wait until exam day to check the location. Instead, go to the centre first. Furthermore, arriving at the centre well ahead of schedule is critical to avoid worry and uneasiness.

Practice is the Key

As many practice tests as you can to familiarize yourself with the exam structure and pressure. ECGC PO mock test familiarize you with the actual exam. To get the most out of each fake, you should also examine it.

What Should be the Strategy to Attempt ECGC PO Exam?

You should begin the ECGC PO exam by answering questions about which you are completely confident. These questions will not only save you time, but they will also improve your confidence and encourage you to take the exam. The most time-consuming and challenging doubts should be answered last.

If you don’t know the answer, it’s best to skip that question and move on to the next one than to ponder it.

Don’t get caught up in one question. Leave the question for now and come back to it later when you have more time.

Guesswork should be avoided at all costs because of the negative consequences. When answering questions, use extreme caution and only select an option if you are completely confident.

Next, keep the sections in the correct order. If you’ve been taking fake examinations on a regular basis, you’ve probably figured out which approach works for you.

Last-Minute Expert Tips for ECGC PO Exam

  • Check your reading comprehension and speed. It will improve your word power by teaching you new terms and expanding your vocabulary.
  • Solve sample reading comprehension problems or prior year’s questions to gain a sense of the types of comprehensions that will appear on the exam.
  • When it comes to solving reading comprehension problems, vocabulary is crucial. If you don’t understand what a word means, you’ll have a difficult time answering inquiries.
  • Review basic grammatical rules to help you deal with questions like error spotting, fill-in-the-blanks, and cloze tests, among other things.
  • As a result, if you wish to do well in the English portion, you must study the grammatical rules thoroughly.
  • In Quants, try to answer as many questions as quickly and accurately as possible. You’ll need to know up to 30 multiplication tables, as well as natural numbers Squares, and Cubes.
  • Simplification, quadratic equations, number series, and data interpretation are all topics to practice. Practice answering a variety of questions.
  • Reviewing all of the key points of the ECGC PO previous year’s paper can help you figure out which topics are more important than others.

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