Changing level of English Language in Bank exams

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

To be able to understand the evolution of test of English language in Bank Exams, we need to look at the questions that appeared in bank exams in 2014, 2015 and 2016. A detailed analysis of the questions tells us that ever since it was announced that the exam would be held in two tiers (i.e. Prelims & Main), the range of the questions has expanded. Surprisingly, it has happened at a faster rate than one can imagine.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the evolution of the test of English language which will, in turn, enable you to have full control over your preparation. If you want to boost your chances of selection, Read on….

Let’s first understand what the English language section looked like before the arrival of prelims and mains. The questions were divided like this.

  1. Reading comprehension (one or two passages along with synonyms and antonyms)
  2. Find the error
  3. Correct the sentence
  4. Two blanks in a single sentence
  5. Sentence rearrangement
  6. Cloze test
  7. Fill in the blanks (of various kinds)

Almost every exam of English language consisted of these questions. A few of you will wonder that these all things are still the same then what is the difference?

Here is the answer: The range of the questions is not the same. The questions require in depth study. The test of English language will, more or less, comprise these segments. However, now you will have to be more careful while attempting the questions. let’s see what it means when we say the range has expanded. Here is a question of “two blanks in a single sentence”.  This is a standard question. You have to tell which of the given options FITS in the blanks.

1. The workers, several of ……had complained about their low wages earlier have now …….to move the court for the labour rights.

(a) who, indicated
(b) whom, decided
(c) which, threatened
(d) them, resolved
(e) number, warned

The answer is (b).
However, in recently held Indian bank PO exam (on Feb. 28, 2017), in which there were 5-6 questions related to the same segment, you had to tell which of the options DO NOT FIT in the blanks.

This means that in the same question given above, the options were like this:

  • Whom, decided
  • Whom, made up their mind
  • Who, decided
  • Those, thought

Answer is (c) & (d).

So, if you see, the question is same but the approach is changed. I don’t think you need to panic for it. You need to be calm and read the instructions carefully.
Along with it, there were “three blanks in a single sentence” too. You needed to tell which of the given options fitted in the sentence. They were comparatively easy. We’ll publish an article on those questions soon.

We have already provided study notes for Sentence Rearrangement and Cloze test. Go through them to understand these topics better. 
Very soon, you’ll see an article on how to solve the error related questions too.

In 2016, although, in almost every preliminary exam, the English language section consisted of 3 segments.

  1. One passage (with synonyms & antonyms – 10 marks)
  2. Find the error (10 marks)
  3. Cloze test (10 marks)

In 2017 too, there is every possibility that you will find these three segments in prelims. Therefore, you must practice these three segments well before you attempt the paper. To help you get a command over these, we’re regularly providing you with articles, quizzes, video classes. You must utilize each of these resources that I promise you won’t get anywhere else in such abundance as you find here on Gradeup.

In the main exam, however, the questions were changed. They were from the following segments:

  1. Find the odd one (one sentence out of the given five)
  2. Starters (combining two or more sentences into one)
  3. Vocabulary (synonyms and Antonyms. This time they were not from the passage. They were independent questions.)
  4. Reading comprehension (two passages – 10 questions. In SBI PO exam, many of these carried 1.5 mark)
  5. Fill in the blanks (wherein you were asked to put a complete sentence in the blank)
  6. Fill in the blanks (wherein you were required to tell which of the given sentence would finish the paragraph.)

Again if you see closely, you will find that your reading habit will play a key role in clearing main exam especially. This can be scoring only and only if you can read and understand faster.
With Gradeup, you don’t need to worry about these types of questions because you will get them here in plenty on this platform. There are no authentic books in the market yet that can give you these questions for practice. It is only here at Gradeup that you get so many questions to sharpen your skill and boost your chances of selection.

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All the best for your exams..

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