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By Kapil Baliyan|Updated : March 3rd, 2017

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Para jumbles or Sentence Rearrangement, as many people call it, has been a regular feature in bank exams. This part usually carries 5 marks. Sometimes it is asked in preliminary exam and sometimes it is asked in the main examination.
Para jumbles directly means to rearrange the given sentences to make a coherent and meaningful paragraph. This not only tests your comprehension level but also your ability to reason with words and their meanings.


Now, let us understand how to solve questions of this topic. It is essential that you first go through the above mentioned video lesson to have a proper understanding of this topic. 

In parajumbles, the paragraph which you form after connecting the sentences in a particular order may belong to different genres of writing. It may belong to a normal story. It may belong to economy/politics/history/policy making etc. It has been observed that a candidate is usually able to read a normal story easily but when it comes to the other genres of writing (e.g. economy/ medicine etc.), he/she finds it difficult/time consuming to solve. Therefore, it is advisable to read the articles of different genres. I call it “bringing diversity in your reading”. This will enable you to grasp the complete set of sentences at one go which will, in turn, help you immensely to form a meaningful paragraph in less time.

In the exams, the pattern may differ for Para jumbles. One case may be where you are given 5-6 sentences and they ask which is first, second, third and so on. Second case may be (as shown in the following examples) where you are given first sentence but you are asked to join remaining sentences with the first one to make a paragraph. Whatever the pattern may be, the basic approach to solve Para jumbles remains the same. So, if a new pattern appears (as I have made a new pattern in the second example), you need not fret. Just take a breath and try to solve it using the basic approach. You can go through the link below to have a look at it - 

Basic Approach of Parajumbles

Now, let’s take up the Para jumbles questions (based on new pattern).

In the first set, five sentences are given along with the first sentence that starts the paragraph. You need to rearrange those five sentences which are given in the options in such a way that all six sentences, when connected together, should make a coherent paragraph.

1. This is certainly a populist budget, which one would expect when general elections are just two years away.

(A) I am not sure whether it was a good move but it was surely badly executed. So, through the budget sops, the government is trying to get the votes back.
(B) It has also provided special incentives for property, which is a very popular asset in India.
(C) I think the government made a lot of enemies with that move as many people suffered and many small businesses experienced losses.
(D) By doing so, the government has tried to recapture the vote bank, which I think it had lost after the fiasco with the currency in the form of demonetisation.
(E) The government has cut taxes for people who vote for it.

(5) EBDCA 

Now, let's see how to approach such questions.

In the opening sentence, it talks about a populist budget. A populist budget doesn’t make enemies. So, the first option is eliminated because the first option starts with ‘C’ which talks about the government making a lot of enemies. ‘A’ and ‘D’ cannot be placed just after the opening sentence. So, options (3) and (4) get eliminated. If you check other two options which are left, you will easily find that the right answer is option (5). This is because the government has done two things which are written in ‘E’ and ‘B’.

So, you see, such a pattern, if practiced well, is easier than the pattern in which the order of individual sentence is asked.

Now, let’s try another pattern. I have designed this especially for you to practice.

Solve it and share your thoughts in the comments.

In this set, there are more than one ways in which the given sentences can be arranged to make a meaningful paragraph. Your job is to find out which of the given options is correct.

1. The main thing that I am worried about in the budget is the important issue of deficit. Indian debt continues to rise and will only rise going forward.

(A) I am also disappointed that the government has not opened the currency market.
(B) If I were in his place, I would have opened up this space.
(C) It is 2017 and still the Indian rupee is not completely convertible.
(D) Another area where I was disappointed was that the finance minister did not open up the agriculture.
(E) It seems that the government and the bureaucrats still think that it is 1917 and not 2017.
(F) The government should seriously look at deregulating agriculture so that farmers can prosper.

(iii) DBFACE
(v) AECDFB         

Options -

(1) only (i)    
(2) only (ii) & (iv)
(3) only (ii) & (iii)
(4) only (i) & (iii)
(5) only (v) 

I would like this Para jumble to be solved by you only.

Try your best.

You can also try out the quiz based on Parajumbles from the link below. You'll find questions based on new as well as old pattern here - 

Quiz on Parajumbles


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