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By Kapil Baliyan|Updated : March 10th, 2017

Cloze test is an important segment of English Language section. Usually 5-10 questions are asked from this topic kin various bank exams. Today, we will discuss about this topic in depth. Read on…If you want to get 10 marks out of 10 in the Cloze test in bank exams.

In 2016, almost every Preliminary exam for banking sector had a common pattern in English exam. Out of 30 marks, Reading comprehension, common errors and Cloze test carried 10 marks each. Today, we are here to tell you how to score more in the cloze test. This part of the exam will help you clear cutoff and score more in less time.

Meritshine has already released a video lesson for Cloze Test. In case you missed this, you can go through the link below - 

Video Lesson on Cloze Test

Solving a cloze test involves many aspects of language. Read through this article to know what they are. There are many candidates who score 7-8 marks out of 10 consistently in a cloze test and sometimes more than that. Therefore, It is immensely important to know how they do it. What is it that they do so that they are able to score well?
This question led me to write this article so that other candidates could also score more marks.

I want you to not only read this article but also listen to it with rapt attention.

I have listed a few things here that you need to work on to be able to better your score. They are as follows:

1. Comprehension
2. Sense of vocabulary
3. Grammar
4. Some fix Phrases
5. Phrasal Verbs

Let’s study them one by one.

Comprehension - 

The word “comprehension” means the ability to understand the language. Before/while solving a cloze test, you must know what the cloze test is about. Is it about economy or agriculture or administration or psychology or what? Then you try to go deeper and understand what the writer is trying to say in between the lines. Is he supporting an argument or criticizing it or just sharing the facts or doing what? This is what I call “FLOW”. If you are able to understand the flow, the chances are, you will score well. Then you will know whether there should be a positive word or a negative word and selecting the right option will become easier.

To master this, inculcate the habit of reading regularly. If you don’t, you may still be able to answer but you will take a long time and as you already know you can afford to lose everything but time.

Sense of Vocabulary - 

Once you understand the flow of the cloze test, you go to the options. To ensure that you know the meaning of the words given in the options, you must have a good command over vocabulary. I’ll tell you how you can do that.
Try this: give me a different word for each example that you can use in place of “honesty” in the blank in the following sentence.

  • “I like his ……………”.   (B) “He is known for ………….in public life”.

Alright, now again give me a different word for each example that you can use in place of “grow”.

  • “A small company………into a conglomerate.” (B) “You can’t ………..if you aren’t focused.”

And please, don’t say that give me the options. No. Practice solving without options. This way, you’ll score more.

Let’s do it once more.

Give me different words for “remove”.

  • “please……………my name from the list.” (B)  “A few lines were ………..from the paragraph.”

Grammar - 

You can’t do anything without grammar. No language exists without it. Learn how to use the different forms of a verb. ( e.g. go, goes, going, went, gone). Tell me what you will write in the following example.

  • “It is high time you ……..your preparation.” (start/starts/starting/started)

If you know which form of a verb is appropriate in a particular blank, it’ll be easier for you to eliminate the wrong answers and select the right option.
This holds true for all the grammatical rules that you must go through. Out of these, a few are distinguished. These are: Subject verb agreement, Tenses, Voice, Narration, Preposition, conjunction, Adverb.

Solve this one: “The ease with which Roger plays…….me of a few other tennis legends.” (remind/reminds/reminding).

Some fix Phrases - 

These are very important. You will get to know them through reading. I’ll mention a few here.

[“taken aback”/ “with rapt attention”/ “in a candid manner”/ “kith and kin”/ “at the drop of hat”/ “to name a few”]

Those with reading habit will find it much easier to solve such questions. You can do that too. The only thing is, it’s going to take some time.

Phrasal verbs - 

Usually, “Put” means to keep something somewhere but what about “Put off”? what about “Put on/put up with/put through? These are called Phrasal verbs. You must learn these before you attempt the questions.

See this -

  • “Those beliefs still prevail among certain social groups.” (Prevail means ‘to exist’.)
  • “We prevailed upon the principal to give a talk. (Prevail upon means ‘to persuade somebody to do something’.)

This clearly underlines the significance of a phrasal verb. Hence, you must learn them.

Now, let’s solve a cloze test based on new pattern. (write your answers in the comments.)

Finance minister Arun Jaitley has ………1(represented) a budget that ……..2(tells) of several firsts. It is the first time that the railway and general budgets have been merged and planned and non-planned expenditure classification ……3(removed) away with. The finance minister has laid …….4(upon) a very safe budget this year ……..5(worked) with fiscal prudence and staying within his comfort zone. As a result, he has missed out on ……….6(take) bold measures that could have ……..7(encourage) non-linear economic growth in the wake of slowdown on account of demonetization.

The budget has a good number of positive………8(step) ………..9(shot) at offering incentives to different stakeholders, boosting domestic spending and cleansing the country ….10(off)black money.

  1. Given /laid /presented /no correction required
  2. Brags /boasts /boasted/ no correction required
  3. Taken/ left/ done / no correction required
  4. down/ out/ aside/about/ no correction required
  5. operated/ operating/ and worked/ no correction required
  6. losing/ rolling up / introducing/ no correction required
  7. spurt/ spurred/ increased/ no correction required
  8. measures/ decision/development/ no correction required
  9. targeting/looked/aimed/ no correction required
  10. beyond/out of/of/ no correction required

Try and see how many can you answer correctly.

We would like to know what else you need help with. Share the issues that you face. We’ll be happy to help you.

I would appreciate if you share this article with your friends and answer the above mentioned questions and write the answers in the comment section.

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