15 Days Revision Plan for Bihar State Cooperative Bank 2021 Exam: Know Complete Strategy Here

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

15 Days Revision Plan for Bihar State Cooperative Bank 2021 Exam: Every year Bihar State Cooperative Bank recruits thousands of aspirants through online recruitment exams. This year, the Bihar State Cooperative Bank exams are scheduled to held in the month of April tentatively. A lot of aspirants are going to appear for the exams. So there will be a top-notch competition. 

With a proper revision strategy, you can effectively maximize your output. To know more about what is exactly an effective revision plan, how a strategy will help you prepare well for the Bihar State Cooperative Bank Exam exam 2021. Here are the strategies to make a revision plan that will maximize your effort in the best possible way, we request you to read the article completely. In this article, we are providing the last 15 days revision plan for Bihar State Cooperative Bank exam.

Last 2 Weeks Strategy to Prepare for Bihar State Cooperative Exam

Approximately 15 days are left for the final round of preparation. So the only thing to focus on now is revision. Do not start any new chapters which you have not covered earlier. Revise all the important things like formula, grammar rules, concepts, etc. An efficient Study plan for these last 15 days will definitely help you improve your score in the Bihar State Cooperative Bank Exam. Utilize these two weeks days to the fullest.


  • Revise difficult topics for you and then you can go for the revision of easier chapters.
  • You have to revise all the topics from every single section. Properly distribute time for each section and follow the schedule.
  • While solving mock test questions focus both on speed and accuracy. Work on your calculations speed and solving approach.
  • During the 1st hour of study of a day, revise the previous day’s concepts and difficult questions and then go for the day’s schedule. This will help your brain to warm up and memorize the previously covered topics.
  • Mock test plays an important role in your preparation. Attempt a mock test for Bihar State Cooperative Bank every day.
  • Take proper sleep, avoid eating junk food and keep track of your hydration level.
  • Do not overburden yourself.
  • Devote at least 1-2 hours regularly on each section to have a touch with all the sections.
  • Analyze mock tests properly as this is the most important phase of the mock test assessment process. If done properly this can be proved to be a game-changer for you.
  • Try to attempt at least 1 mock test per day.

15 Days Revision Plan for Bihar State Cooperative Bank Exam

You need to devise a smart approach to cover various things in these last fifteen days. Check out our master revision plan for you to follow in the last 15 days of your Bihar State Cooperative Bank Exam preparation.


Topics to be covered

Day 1

  • Quant: Practice Quadratic Equation questions
  • Reasoning: Practice Inequality
  • Attempt at least 1 mock test.
  • Check your strong and weak areas.
  • Work on your calculation speed by revising percentage to fraction and fraction to percentage conversion, squares and cubes.

Day 2

  • Spend at least 40-50 minutes on those topics you covered the previous day.
  • Quant: Practice number series Questions
  • Reasoning: Practice syllogism Questions.
  • Practise questions from your weak areas.
  • Attempt 1 mock test and analyze it.

Day 3

  • Revise previously covered topics in about 30 minutes
  • Quant: Practice simplification and approximation questions and probability questions.
  • Reasoning: Practice coding-decoding.
  • Spend some time on your strong areas.
  • Attempt 1 mock test and analyze your performance.

Day 4

  • English: Practice para jumble.
  • Quant: Practice ratio proportion and age-related questions.
  • Reasoning: Practice blood relation questions.
  • Attempt 1 mock test and analyse properly.

Day 5

  • English: Practise cloze test.
  • Quant: Start with time and work and partnership.
  • Reasoning: Practice order and ranking questions.
  • Practice 1 mock test and analyse your performance.

Day 6

  • Quant: Practice percentage and average questions.
  • Reasoning: Practice direction distance questions.
  • Attempt 1 mock test and analyse.
  • English: Revise grammar rules.

Day 7

  • Quant: Start time speed distance and mixture and alligation.
  • Reasoning: Practice seating arrangement.
  • Practice 1 mock.
  • Compare your mock test performance with that of the previous day.
  • English: Practice reading comprehension.

Day 8

  • Quant: Practice simple interest and compound interest, pipe and cistern.
  • Reasoning: Practice Alphanumeric series.
  • Attempt 1-2 mock tests and analyse properly.
  • English: Practice error spotting questions.

Day 9

  • Quant: Practice questions from tabular and pie-chart data interpretation.
  • Reasoning: Practice Puzzles & Seating Arrangement.
  • Attempt 1-2 mock test and analyze it.

Day 10

  • Now it’s time for analysis of all the completed mock tests. 
  • Devote at least 2-3 hour for analyzing and practising wrong questions from each mock test
  • Give at least 1-2 mock tests on daily basis.
  • Practice 1 parajumble , 1 cloze test and 1 reading comprehension every day.
  • Revise vocabulary words if you have noted anywhere till now.

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

  • Practice 1-2 mock tests and analyse.
  • Go through any short-trick, tips, rules, formula etc once before the exam day.
  • Just relax and revise any thing you want and do not over burdern yourself.

So this is all about the last 15-day preparation strategy for Bihar State Cooperative Bank Exam 2021.

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