Antisiphonage Pipe is Connected to

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 15th, 2022

Antisiphonage pipe is connected to-

  1. Main soil pipe
  2. Bottom of P trap W.C.
  3. Top of P trap W.C.
  4. Side of water closet

Answer: C. Top of P trap W.C.

Antisiphonage pipe is connected to the top of P trap W.C.


Antisiphonage pipe is an additional pipe fitted to the outlets of toilet seats of all the floors, the other end of which is exposed to the atmosphere. The cause of the provision of the pipe is to sustain the water seal so that foul gases of the sewer line/ soil pipe/ toilet pipe do not enter the toilet and bathrooms.

If we observe a toilet seat, we find some water at the bottom, which remains there even after flushing. This is the perfect example for understanding the concept of antisiphonage pipe. Antisiphonage pipe is connected to the top of P trap W.C.

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