SSC JE Syllabus 2023: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Syllabus PDF

SSC JE Syllabus 2023: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Syllabus PDF

ByAshish Singh Dhanjal  |  Updated on: Mar 20, 2023
SSC JE Syllabus for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Quantity Surveying & Contracts is specified by the Staff Selection Commission. The syllabus is released for two papers i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2.

SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 1 and Paper 2 is should be referred by candidates prior to starting their preparation. Candidates can download the syllabus PDF for Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering to learn about important topics. Understanding the SSC JE syllabus 2023 for both tiers is essential to pass the exam with flying colors.

SSC JE syllabus PDF comprises the subject matter for Paper 1 and Paper 2. The syllabus for Tiers 1 and 2 slightly differ from each other. SSC JE Paper 1 syllabus includes the topics of general intelligence and reasoning, general awareness, and general engineering (civil and structural/electrical/mechanical). In contrast, the SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2 only covers engineering topics.

SSC JE Syllabus 2023

SSC JE Syllabus 2023 will be released along with the official notification for the Junior Engineer position. To pass the exam, candidates must prepare thoroughly according to the SSC JE syllabus. The exam consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is objective whereas Paper 2 is descriptive in nature. SSC JE syllabus has not changed in recent years and will remain the same for the upcoming SSC JE exam as well.

SSC JE 2023 syllabus incorporates the topics that are covered in the graduation. Candidates must be familiar with the chapters and subject matter that are covered in the syllabus. To aid in the preparation of the candidates, the direct link to download the SSC JE syllabus pdf has been provided below.

How to Download SSC JE Syllabus 2023 PDF?

We have provided SSC JE Syllabus PDF 2023 below to help candidates prepare for the exam as effectively as possible. It will assist them in gaining a better understanding of the topic in order to prepare. Candidates should note that understanding of SSC JE exam pattern is equally important to devise a proper study plan. Click on the link that is given below to download the syllabus PDF for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

SSC JE Syllabus 2023 for Paper 1

SSC JE Paper 1 syllabus incorporates various subjects such as General Intelligence, Reasoning, Awareness, and Engineering (Civil and Structural/Electrical/Mechanical). Candidates who will submit the SSC JE application form should complete the syllabus on time to understand each subject thoroughly. Paper 1 is absolutely essential for all candidates taking this exam because the marks obtained in this paper will be used to prepare the final merit list.

SSC JE Paper 1 Syllabus

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning: Analogies, Coding-Decoding, Blood Relation, Similarities & Differences, Space visualization, Analysis, Judgment, Decision making, Visual memory, Discrimination, Observation.
  • General Awareness: Current events of matters of everyday observations & experience in the scientific aspect, India and its neighboring countries, History, Geography, Culture of India, Economics & Polity, Awards, and Honors, Government Schemes

SSC JE Civil Syllabus 2023

SSC JE syllabus for the Civil exam consists of important topics like Building Materials, Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Structural Engineering.

SSC JE Syllabus for Electrical

SSC JE Electrical Syllabus will cover the chapters you studied in your B. E/B. Tech. The topics that are covered in it - Basic concepts, Circuit law, Magnetic Circuit, Estimation and Costing, Transmission and Distribution, AC Fundamentals, Measurement and Measuring instruments, Utilization and Electrical Energy,  Electrical Machines, Basic Electronics, Fractional Kilowatt Motors and single phase induction Motors, Synchronous Machines.

SSC JE Mechanical Syllabus 

SSC JE Mechanical Engineering syllabus is extensive, but the concepts are very interesting to learn. Hence, it is recommended that candidates should study important topics such as Fluid Kinematics, Thermodynamics, IC Engines, Measurement of Fluid Pressure, Dynamics of Ideal Fluids, and so on.

The following important topics will be covered in the SSC JE syllabus for Mechanical - Thermodynamics, Theory of Machines and Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials, Properties of Pure Substances, Refrigeration cycles,  Fluid kinematics, Dynamics of Ideal fluids, Measurement of Flow rate, basic principles, Hydraulic Turbines, Centrifugal Pumps, Classification of steel, IC Engines, Rankine cycle of System, Boilers, Fitting & Accessories, Air Compressors & their cycles, Principle of Refrigeration Plant, Nozzles & Steam Turbines.

What is SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2?

SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2 is slightly different than Paper 1 as Paper 2 contains more difficult questions. All of the questions will be based on the concepts of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Therefore, candidates must practice paper 2 questions from SSC JE previous year paper to develop a better understanding and to improve their score.

To complete the topics given in the SSC JE Paper 2 syllabus ahead of time, candidates must increase their speed and gain shortcuts knowledge. The following sections will be included in the SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2 depending on the engineering stream candidates have selected.

SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Civil, Structural Engineering

Theory Of Machines and Machine Designs

Basic Concepts

Building Materials

Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials

AC Fundamentals

Estimating, Costing, and Valuation

Properties of Pure Substances

Measurement and Measuring Instruments


1st Law of Thermodynamics

Electrical Machines

Soil Mechanics

2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Fractional Kilowatt Motors


Air standard Cycles for IC engines

Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Irrigation Engineering

Rankine cycle of steam

Estimation and Costing

Transportation Engineering

Properties & Classification of Fluid

Utilization of Electrical Energy

Environmental Engineering

Fluid Kinematics

Basic Electronics

Theory of structures

Dynamics of ideal fluids

Single Phase Induction Motors

RCC Design 

Classification of Steels


Fluid Statics

Difference Between RRB JE and SSC JE Syllabus

Candidates who are going through SSC JE preparation should have an understanding of the difference between SSC JE and RRB JE. The syllabus for SSC JE and RRB JE has a slight difference. One difference between RRB JE and SSC JE Syllabus is that the SSC JE syllabus will have only 3 sections while RRB JE will have more than 3 sections. SSC JE is conducted by SSC for recruitment into various Ministries while RRB JE is conducted for appointment into the Indian Railways only. Here is the difference between RRB JE and SSC JE Syllabus

SSC JE Syllabus 

RRB JE Syllabus

SSC JE Syllabus emphasizes your engineering skills and abilities. 

RRB JE exam syllabus tests your overall knowledge on all the topics that are to be known by any government job aspirant. 

The syllabus of SSC JE focuses majorly on the GK, Reasoning and engineering subjects, i.e. Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical. 

RRB JE Syllabus focuses on Mathematics, GK, Reasoning, General Science, Physics and Chemistry, Environment and Pollution, Computer knowledge of the candidates. 

The SSC JE syllabus for the engineering paper for stage 2 is descriptive in nature. 

RRB JE exam consists of only objective types of questions. 

It is conducted for 3 engineering disciplines. 

It is conducted for 4 engineering disciplines. 

SSC JE Syllabus Preparation Tips

Candidates' preparation should be second to none in order to continue their journey in the SSC JE selection process. Regularly taking practice questions is one of the best exam preparation advice. When you first start your preparation, you can take one mock test every week, but once you have finished the foundational chapters of the SSC JE syllabus, you must increase the number of mock tests you take. Check out the important tips to strengthen your preparation below.

  • Understand the entire SSC JE Syllabus and exam pattern in detail.
  • Test your knowledge by practicing the previous year's questions to identify weaknesses.
  • It will also assist in sharpening accuracy and time management abilities.
  • Learn the time-saving shortcuts so you have more time for other exam questions.
  • Create a study plan based on the SSC JE syllabus.
  • It is essential to make notes so that things can be revised easily.

Best Books to cover SSC JE Syllabus 2023

To achieve good marks in the SSC JE exam, it is important to have the best books that will help you to complete the SSC JE syllabus. The SSC JE books are mentioned below. 



Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

R.S. Agarwal 

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams

R.S. Agarwal 

Mechanical Engineering for competitions


Civil Engineering: Through Objective-Type Questions

SP Gupta & SS Gupta by CBS Publishers & Distributors

Electrical Engineering Objective Types Question

A . Handa M. Handa

 Satya Prakashan Publication

Lucent’s General Knowledge


Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry Books for Class 10 to 12


BYJU’S Exam Prep has the best preparation material from expert faculties like SSC JE Mock Tests for good marks in the exam.

SSC JE Syllabus FAQs

  • Staff Selection Commission which conducts the exam specifies the SSC JE Syllabus 2023. The syllabus is divided into two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. The syllabus for Paper 1 includes general knowledge, reasoning, and subject-specific questions (civil/electrical/mechanical). SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2 on the other hand, consists of only subject-specific questions for 300 marks.

  • SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 1 consists of 3 subjects. The subjects include General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness and ) General Engineering (Civil and Structural), (Electrical & Mechanical). The Paper 1 exam is for 200 marks altogether. 

  • SSC JE Paper 2 Syllabus includes the chapters and topics of General Engineering (Civil & Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical). Candidates are required to write descriptive answers for the questions based on the topics given in the paper 2 syllabus.

  • The major difference between SSC JE Paper 1 syllabus and the Paper 2 syllabus is that the paper 1 syllabus consists of topics for the objective type of questions while the Paper 2 syllabus comprises topics for descriptive questions. 

  • SSC JE Syllabus consists of two papers, paper 1 and paper 2. The Paper 1 syllabus has General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness and ) General Engineering while Paper 2 will have only General Engineering-based questions.

    On the other hand, RRB JE Syllabus has CBT 1 and CBT 2 stages. The RRB JE syllabus for CBT 1 includes Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Reasoning, and General Science, whereas CBT 2 includes Physics and Chemistry, Basics of Computer and Applications, Basics of Environment and Pollution Control, General Awareness, and Technical Abilities.

  • The direct link to download SSC JE Syllabus PDF for Paper 1 and Paper 2 has been provided below. The syllabus PDF comprises chapters and topics that candidates must study while preparing for the exam.

  • SSC JE Syllabus is of great importance for exam preparation. It gives an understanding of the topics and subtopics that are important from the examination point of view. Check out the suggestion to cover the syllabus provided below.

    • Be well acquainted with the chapters given in the syllabus
    • Practice the previous year's questions
    • Take mock test
    • Make notes
  • No, the SSC JE syllabus has not changed for a long time. The syllabus remains the same for all the subjects. However, candidates need to practice current affairs for paper 1 for at least 6 months till the date of the exam.

  • The best books for the SSC JE syllabus are R.S. Agarwal (for Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams), R.K. Jain for Mechanical Engineering, SP Gupta & SS Gupta for Civil Engineering, A.Handa M.Handa for Electrical Engineering, Lucent for General Knowledge, and NCERT of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry Books for Class 10 to 12.

  • Important topics in the SSC JE syllabus for Reasoning include similarities, space visualization, differences, discrimination, arithmetical reasoning, etc. and for general awareness, the key topics are history, culture, geography, economics, etc.

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