Theory of Machines Notes for SSC JE

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: October 17th, 2023

The Theory of Machines is an important subject in Mechanical Engineering. Theory of Machines carries a weightage of 3-5 questions in the SSC JE Paper-1 exam. So it is important for all the mechanical engineering aspirants to refer to concise Theory of Machines notes for SSC JE to easily tackle questions in the SSC JE exam.

The mechanical engineering aspirants who are searching for the best Theory of Machines notes PDF, you can download them from here. You can also check out the important SSC JE Theory of Machines topics as well questions below to help your preparation.

Theory of Machines Notes PDF for SSC JE

Mechanical Engineering Aspirants who are looking for the Theory of Machines notes for SSC JE Paper-1 & Paper-2 Exam, to help such aspirants, BYJU’S Exam Prep is providing you with Theory of Machines study notes for SSC JE. These most important formula notes on Theory of Machines will definitely help the aspirants to score high in the SSC JE exam as well as other AE-JE exams. Aspirants can also study these notes as last-minute revision notes.

Aspirants must also practice the SSC JE previous year papers as it gives you an idea about the trend of the questions asked in the SSC JE Exam and what is their difficulty level. Below we have provided the most important formula notes pdf of Theory of Machines, candidates can download it from the direct link given below:

Download Theory of Machines Notes for SSC JE PDF

Theory of Machines Questions for SSC JE PDF

Mechanical engineering Aspirants preparing for the exam can refer to the following Theory of Machines MCQs for SSC JE to get an idea of the difficulty level of the question that is asked in the SSC JE Paper-1 exam. Download the 100 most important Theory of Machines questions for SSC JE pdf from the link below.

Download Important Theory of Machines Questions PDF for SSC JE

Syllabus of Theory of Machines for SSC JE Exam

The following are the topics that are needed to be covered in Theory of Machines for SSC JE Mechanical. Aspirants must also check the SSC JE Preparation Tips to know how to prepare for the SSC JE exam.

  • Concept of Simple Machine
  • Four Bar Linkage and Link Motion
  • Flywheels and Fluctuation Of Energy
  • Power Transmission By Belts – V-belts and Flat belts
  • Clutches – Plate and Conical Clutch
  • Gears – Type Of Gears, Gear Profile and Gear Ratio Calculation
  • Governors – Principles and Classification, Riveted Joint, Cams, Bearings, Friction in Collars And Pivots.

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