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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

Analogy for SSC JE exam is one of the easy & scoring topics. With little effort, candidates can master the analogy topic. However, it requires practice to quickly solve questions in the SSC JE exam. Since it is easy topic aspirants ignore the analogy for the SCC JE exam. But at least 2-3 questions from analogy appear in the SSC JE exam every year. 

Analogy is a verbal reasoning topic. Aspirants can score good marks in the SSC JE Paper 1 by mastering analogy concepts. For the benefit of candidates, we have provided all the important information about solving analogy questions for SSC JE that will make preparation easier.

Analogy for SSC JE Exam

Analogy means a similar or equivalence relationship between any two things. In SSC JE almost every year analogy questions are included in the examination. These analogy questions are moderate. So an aspirant with the sufficient practice of analogy for SSC JE can easily solve within just a few seconds.

Read on to know the various types of analogy for SSC JE, tricks to solve analogy questions, and the importance of analogy.

Different Types of Analogy for SSC JE

The analogy is divided into four parts. The different types of analogy aspirants should prepare for the SSC JE exam are:

  • Semantic Analogy
  • Number Analogy
  • Figural Analogy
  • Alphabetic / Word Analogy

In the table below, the various types of analogy that are known to appear in the SSC JE exams are mentioned along with their definitions.

Types of Analogy


Semantic Analogy

Semantic analogy can be defined as the words linked with one another or have a similar meaning.

Number Analogy

Question has some hidden patterns in it. Based on the given pattern the answer has to be calculated and marked. 

Figural Analogy

In this type of analogy candidates have to find the figure related to the other figures or there must be a relation between the two figures.

Alphabetical/ word Analogy(Odd One Out)

In analogy topics candidates will have to tackle questions like mark the odd one from the provided words or alphabet from the given group.

Tricks to Solve Analogy Questions for SSC JE

Candidates can solve analogy questions with ease by following the listed tricks. These tricks can be easily learned and implemented while solving SSC JE previous year papers. Let’s understand the best tricks to solve analogy questions in SSC JE here.

  • Always look for the pattern in question. When the pattern is found it takes just a little time to solve the analogy questions. However, there are certain predefined patterns that can be extracted from previous year’s question papers.
  • Another approach towards tackling the analogy questions is through multiple options available against every question. But sometimes this strategy could eat up a lot of time in the examination.
  • Improve your word power to easily attempt questions of word analogy.
  • A good practice of multiples & factors helps a lot in number analogy.


Why is Analogy Important for SSC JE?

The analogy is a topic of reasoning. Aspirants can easily master analogy concepts and can attempt all the analogy questions in the SSC JE exam. Which altogether contributes to the overall score. In the previous year’s SSC JE exams a total of 6 to 7 questions appeared on the Analogy topic. So aspirants can easily gain 6 to 7 marks if properly prepared. That is why Analogy is important for SSC JE. 

Best Analogy Books for SSC JE

Here is a list of best SSC JE books aspirants can refer to learn the concepts of Analogy for exam preparation. The concepts in these books are illustrated in easy words and a lot of question for practice is also included to strengthen knowledge.

Book Name


A new approach to Logical Reasoning

B.S Siwali, Indu Sijwali

Verbal Reasoning 

R.S Aggarwal

Analogy Questions for SSC JE

To give candidates preparing for the SSC JE exam an overview of the different types of the question of analogy for the SSC JE exam has been mentioned below.

Court : Justice :: School : ?

  1. Teacher
  2. Student
  3. Education
  4. Principal

Answer: The correct answer is c.

Weight: Kilogram

  1. Second: Hours
  2. Mile: Length
  3. Temperature: Kelvin
  4. Pressure: Watt

Answer: The correct answer is option c.


  1. ZXVT
  2. TVXZ
  3. LNPR
  4. MOQ

 Answer: The correct answer is option a.

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