How to Clear SSC JE in First Attempt

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: October 17th, 2023

The SSC JE exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission of India. It is conducted at a national level. The SSC JE exam is almost conducted every year to recruit eligible can capable candidates to various departments to run under the central government. Being one of the reputed examinations the difficulty level is also above the par of an average student but aspirants with solid strategy can ace the examination with ease.

The right strategy to ace the SSC JE exam in your first attempt has been elaborated on in the upcoming sections. Aspirants aspiring for SSC JE should read on. 

How to Clear SSC JE in First Attempt?

How to clear the SSC JE exam in the first attempt is a common question that arises among young aspirants. The very simple answer that every candidate knows but is still not aware of it i.e. preparation. But to crack the SSC JE exam on the first attempt aspirants need to have a solid preparation strategy.

However to build the preparation strategy candidate should thoroughly understand the SSC JE exam pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, subject weightage, and much more. Read on to know each and everything in detail in the coming sections here.

Strategy to Crack SSC JE Exam in First Attempt

A strong and wired exam preparation strategy can result in a qualification. But a wage & distorted strategy only contributes to wastage of time. Therefore, while laying a preparation strategy do some research on the following list of pointers.

  • Exam Syllabus
  • Best Books
  • Exam Pattern
  • Subject-wise weightage Analysis
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Test Series

A few of the above-mentioned points have been illustrated below.

SSC JE Exam Syllabus

A detailed and thorough understanding of the SSC JE syllabus is very necessary to initiate exam preparation. Generally, aspirants do not pay much attention to the depth of the listed topics in the official exam syllabus which hampers their preparation. 

SSC JE Syllabus for Paper 2

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Civil, Structural Engineering

Theory Of Machines and Machine Designs

Basic Concepts

Building Materials

Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials

AC Fundamentals

Estimating, Costing and Valuation

Properties of Pure Substances

Measurement and Measuring Instruments


1st Law of Thermodynamics

Electrical Machines

Soil Mechanics

2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Fractional Kilowatt Motors


Air standard Cycles for IC engines

Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Irrigation Engineering

Rankine cycle of steam

Estimation and Costing

Transportation Engineering

Properties & Classification of Fluid

Utilization of Electrical Energy

Environmental Engineering

Fluid Kinematics

Basic Electronics

Theory of structures

Dynamics of ideal fluids

Single Phase Induction Motors

RCC Design 

Classification of Steels


Fluid Statics


SSC JE Exam Pattern


Number of Questions

Maximum marks

Exam duration

General Intelligence & Reasoning


50 marks

Cumulative duration of 2 hours

(2 hours and 40 minutes candidates with scribes)

General Awareness


50 marks

General Engineering  (Any one from the given parts)

  • Part A – Civil & Structural)/
  • Part B (Electrical)/
  • Part C (Mechanical)


100 marks


200 Questions

200 Marks

2 Hours

SSC JE Exam Pattern Paper 2


SSC JE total marks

Exam duration & time

Part A – General Engineering (Civil and Structural)


Part B – General Engineering (Electrical)


Part C – General Engineering (Mechanical)

300 marks

2 hours

Quick Preparation Tips for SSC JE Exam

Candidates aspiring to crack the SSC JE exam should start preparing at the earliest possible. But only when you have a plan, sufficient resources, and a proper strategy. To contribute to various phases of preparation we have included quick tips for the SSC JE exam.

1. Knowledge of the SSC JE Exam Syllabus

  • It is essential to know the SSC JE Syllabus to perform well in the SSC JE Exam. Try to separate the topics of the different sections of the exam by topic and difficulty. It will help you figure out where to start your preparation so that you can cover the entire syllabus.

2. An In-depth Understanding of the SSC JE Exam Pattern

  • Before starting the preparation, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the SSC JE exam pattern. You must understand how your exam is broken down into sections, how many questions come from each section, and what is the exam’s marking scheme.

3. Refer to the Previous Year’s Question Papers

  • When you have a strong understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus, you can move on to the next step. Referring to SSC JE Previous Year Question Paper is an important part of your preparation since it helps you understand the weightage of different subjects and the difficulty level of questions. Aim to solve as many practice questions as possible so that you can answer a specific question during the main exam without wasting too much time.

4. Practice Test Series & Mock Tests

  • Candidates should take several test series and mock tests to evaluate their speed and accuracy, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Choose your weak subjects and devote extra time to all of them for better preparation. When purchasing any mock test series, make sure it is a good SSC JE mock test series.

5. To Make Learning Easier, Take Short Notes

  • Generally, aspirants due to exam pressure forgets learned topics rapidly. Therefore, it is suggested to the candidates make their short notes. Because these short notes help a lot even during the last few days before the exam. 

6. Time Management

  • Most of the aspirants complain that they usually not be able to manage their time efficiently because they try to implement other routines which are not correct. Every individual has their capabilities. Therefore, they must prepare their routine to manage and allocate sufficient time to every subject listed in the SSC JE exam 2022. Always remember that time management is key to your success.




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