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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

Fluid Mechanics for SSC JE is considered one of the most important subjects of Mechanical as well as Civil engineering. It carries good weightage in the SSC JE Paper-1 examination. About 30-35 questions are asked every year in the SSC JE Tier-1 exam from fluid mechanics in Mechanical Engineering and about 8-12 questions in Civil Engineering. Hence it is important for all the aspirants to refer to effective and precise notes on Fluid Mechanics for the SSC JE exam to ensure a grip on important concepts.

Aspirants can score well in this subject if they have good command of fluid mechanics concepts and questions. As the Fluid Mechanics subject carries good weightage in SSC JE Exam so candidates must check out notes and important questions from Fluid Mechanics that are provided below.

Fluid Mechanics For SSC JE PDF

Fluid mechanics subject carries a maximum weightage among all subjects in Mechanical Engineering and also has good weightage in Civil Engineering in SSC JE Paper-1 Exam. Many questions are also asked from fluid mechanics in the SSC JE Paper-2 exam in descriptive form. Effective SSC JE Study Material plays an important role in your exam preparation. It will help you understand the concepts quickly so you can easily solve fluid mechanics questions in SSC JE Exam. 

Aspirants must also practice SSC JE previous year question papers as it gives you an idea about the trend of the questions and their difficulty level. Below we have provided the most important fluid mechanics formula PDF for SSC JE, candidates can download it from the direct link given below:

Download Fluid Mechanics Notes PDF for SSC JE

Fluid Mechanics Syllabus for SSC JE

The following are the topics that are needed to be covered in Fluid Mechanics for SSC JE. These topics are mentioned in SSC JE Syllabus and have a great weightage in the exam.

  • Properties & Classification of Fluid: ideal & real fluids, Newton’s law of viscosity, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids, compressible and incompressible fluids.
  • Fluid Statics: Pressure at a point.
  • Measurement of Fluid Pressure: Manometers, U-tube, Inclined tube.
  • Fluid Kinematics: Stream line, laminar & turbulent flow, external & internal flow, continuity equation.
  • Dynamics of ideal fluids: Bernoulli’s equation, Total head; Velocity head; Pressure head; Application of Bernoulli’s equitation.
  • Measurement of Flow rate Basic Principles: Venturimeter, Pilot tube, Orifice meter.
  • Hydraulic Turbines: Classifications, Principles.
  • Centrifugal Pumps: Classifications, Principles, Performance. 

Important Fluid Mechanics Questions for SSC JE

Civil and Mechanical Engineering aspirants who dream of acing the SSC JE exam and looking for the 100 most important Fluid Mechanics questions PDF for SSC JE can download it from the link provided below.

100 Most Important Questions of Fluid Mechanics For SSC JE PDF

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