SSC JE Preparation Tips 2022 -  Tips And Tricks to Prepare for JE

SSC JE Preparation Tips 2022 - Tips And Tricks to Prepare for JE

ByAshish Singh Dhanjal  |  Updated on: Aug 22, 2022
SSC JE preparation is pertinent to your success in the exam. Candidates should check out SSC JE preparation strategies for civil/mechanical/electrical engineering and GA to score well. Check out how to prepare for SSC JE and more here.
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SSC JE preparation 2022 is the cornerstone on which your chances of cracking the exam depend. Candidates who plan their preparation and follow it through often have a higher chance of clearing the exam than those who don't. As SSC JE is an extremely competitive exam, having a well-thought SSC JE preparation strategy is of utmost importance. 

To help make your journey toward succeeding in the exam easier, we have provided you SSC JE preparation tips and strategies to help you focus your efforts in the right direction. Check out how to prepare for SSC JE and also, tips to crack SSC JE exam here. Below, candidates can check out SSC JE civil/electrical/mechanical strategies as well as other important tips that will prove to be of great help.

SSC JE Preparation: Tips and Strategy

SSC JE preparation strategy and tips are provided below to help you create a plan that will be very useful for candidates.

Know the SSC JE Exam Pattern

SSC JE is a two-tier exam which means it is conducted in two phases. Aspirants need to be thorough with the exam pattern before starting the preparation journey, as it helps in building a better preparation strategy. Candidates can check out SSC JE exam pattern below to understand the scope of your preparation and plan it in an optimal way.

SSC JE Exam Pattern – Paper 1

It is an online Test for 200 marks for two hours.


Maximum Marks


General Intelligence


2 Hours

General Awareness


General Engineering




SSC JE Exam Pattern – Paper 2

It is an offline exam for 300 marks for the duration of two hours.


Maximum Marks


SSC JE Civil/Mechanical/Electrical

300 Marks

2 Hours

Know SSC JE Syllabus

Go through the SSC JE Syllabus thoroughly and analyse it properly to understand important topics that are often asked in the exam. Segregate the topics according to the difficulty level and start preparing them in order of most difficult to easy. Candidates should also refer to SSC JE weightage analysis which will help them build a preparation strategy based on the important topics to improve their chances of scoring maximum marks.

Enhance your Time Management Skills

You must know how to manage time for each section for the SSC JE exam. You must practice questions in a way such that you maintain a balance between speed and accuracy. Solve as many questions as possible in a time-bound manner. 

Build a Practical Schedule

Prepare a realistic timetable and follow it strictly. Time management is of the essence before and during the exam. Having a realistic timetable will help you plan and prepare without much stress. If you have everything you need to study laid down in front of you, you will be able to have a relatively stress-free SSC JE preparation experience.

Brush up your Basics

Read the theory behind every concept to clear the basics. Knowing your basics is the pillar on which you can build your strategy to cover the vast syllabus. Candidates should refer to SSC JE study material to ensure they have conceptual clarity on all important topics and are able to solve any question that might come from them in the exam. 

Make Short Notes

Try to make your own short notes which will help you revise quickly. Making your own notes is also the most efficient way of remembering information. Hence, it will greatly help you remember as well as revise information in a better way.

Memorize Formulas

All the formulas should be at your fingertips. Practice them regularly so that you do not forget them. You can practice by writing them down and reading them every day so they will come easily to you whenever you need to them. To solve a question or build an equation, formulas are of great importance and you should put aside adequate time to master them before the exam.

Solve Practice Questions

Going through example problems will help you understand the steps to solve problems. Candidates can also take SSC JE online coaching and also practice sample questions provided there for each subject to have a tight hold on all important topics. 

Practice SSC JE Previous Year Papers

Go through the SSC JE previous year question papers and check the type of questions asked and their difficulty level. Master the topics that are repeated the most and seem to have a higher weightage. Take at least the past 5-10 years of question papers and solve them to prepare efficiently.

Take Mock Tests

Scoring well also depends upon how wisely you select the questions to answer and how efficiently you use your time. Make sure to improve your overall test-taking skills and develop a smart strategy to take the exam. Taking SSC JE mock tests will help you get a clear idea about where you are standing and where you need to improve. You will also get used to the pressure of taking exams, and get more prepared for the actual exam day.

SSC JE Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Preparation Strategy

In-depth, core engineering knowledge is very much required in this section. The candidate must be very clear with the basics and must have good analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Part of the questions will be based on theoretical concepts and once you are good with your concepts you can very easily answer such questions.
  • To solve numerical problems, you need to be good with theoretical knowledge, its application, formulas and problem-solving skills.
  • Practice in a time-bound manner and get exposed to various types of problems. Refer to example problems at your initial stage of preparation.
  • You will come across more theory-based questions when compared to numerical based. Thus, first, try to solve the theory-based questions as it will take lesser time because you either know the answer or don’t know.

SSC JE General Awareness Preparation

Know the syllabus in detail and keep yourself up to date to avoid getting entangled in the large syllabus. Following these below-mentioned SSC JE preparation GS tips to ace General Awareness:

  • Reading is always a good habit so it's better if you read the newspaper regularly and keep yourself updated with all the latest current affairs through newspapers. 
  • Get daily updates at regular intervals by subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Take online quizzes with BYJU'S Exam Prep.
  • Since the syllabus is vast it's preferable to go through the previous year question papers as well. 

Best Books for SSC JE Preparation

SSC JE preparation books play a vital role in your preparation and can be the key that ultimately helps you crack the exam. Candidates should check out the best books for SSC JE preparation for civil/mechanical/electrical engineering as well as general intelligence and reasoning to score well.

SSC JE Books for Mechanical Preparation

Book Name


Khanna's Mechanical Objective Type

Dr. Sadhu Singh

Mechanical Engineering for competitions


Objective Mechanical Engineering (Diploma) Competitive Exams 


Kiran's SSC Junior Engineer Mechanical Engineering Self Study guide

Kiran Publication

SSC JE Books for Civil Engineering

Book Name


SSC JE Civil Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers

Made Easy Publication

Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type Questions

SP Gupta & SS Gupta by CBS Publishers & Distributors

SSC: Junior Engineers Exam Guide: Junior Engineers (Civil & Structural) Exam Guide  

R Gupta's by Ramesh Publishing House

SSC JE Books for Electrical Engineering

Book Name


Objective Electrical Technology

By, V.K. Mehta & Rohit Mehta 

Electrical Engineering Objective Types Question

By, A . Handa M. Handa

 Satya Prakashan Publication

SSC Cpwd/Cwc/ Mes Electrical Engineering 

GK Publications

Question Bank in Electrical Engineering

J.B Gupta 

SSC JE General Intelligence & Reasoning Books

Book Name


Lucent Reasoning

Bhupendra Kumar Singh

SSC JE General Awareness Books

Book Name


Lucent G.K

Dr. Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

Arihant General Knowledge

Manohar Pandey

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SSC JE Preparation Tips FAQs

  • SSC JE preparation is very important hence, candidates should ensure that they go about it in a careful way. Candidates should understand the exam pattern and syllabus and in addition study every day with a clear focus in mind. They should practice by writing and attempting previous year questions to have a better grasp on the overall exam.

  • SSC JE preparation strategy for electrical is a great way of preparing for the electrical engineering exam in the best possible way. Candidates should ensure that they are acquainted with all important topics in the exam and should practice them regularly to ensure they score good marks in the exam.

  • SSC JE exam preparation strategy will help you score well in the mechanical engineering exam. Create a timetable and cover all the important topics in order of weightage and relevance. Studying theory and practising questions are of importance to score well.

  • SSC JE civil strategy will help you prepare for the civil engineering exam in an efficient way. Candidates should study and understand all the important concepts as well as refer to preparation books to ensure they are studying as well as practising to score the best possible marks.

  • Yes, candidates should definitely check out SSC JE online preparation as it is a great way of preparing for the exam while being at home. It saves time as well as provides you with 24-hour access to all study material and tests which you can use in your own time. SSC JE online coaching will be greatly helpful for you in this respect and will provide you with many benefits.

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