Write Five Uses Of Convex Mirror

By Ishita Gupta|Updated : May 16th, 2023

Write Five Uses Of Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror is a type of mirror that is prominent for its reflecting properties and bulging figure. There are numerous uses for the convex mirror such as Automobile mirrors, sunglasses, street lights, magnifying glasses, and inside buildings due to security purposes.

What is a Convex Mirror?

A curved mirror with a reflecting surface on the outside is known as Convex Mirror. In the word Convex, ‘Vex’ stands for ‘bulging out’. It is also known as the ‘fish eye mirror’ or ‘diverging mirror’. The term diverging was given to this mirror due to its characteristics of making rays diverge by reflecting parallel lines.

Five Uses Of Convex Mirror

Convex Mirrors are used for numerous purposes as it presents a virtual image and reflects easily. Check out the best five uses of convex mirrors here-

  • Convex Mirrors are used to magnify objects and are often used in a magnifying glass.
  • Due to its reflective properties, it is used as a rear-view mirror in vehicles.
  • They are also used for security purposes in ATMs, banks, offices, and large buildings.
  • In street lights, it is used as a reflector
  • Convex mirrors are used to make sunglasses and other sun-reflective surfaces.


Write Five Uses Of Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror is a spherical mirror with reflecting surfaces. When a parallel light hits a convex mirror it reflects outwards and travels away from the focal point. A Convex mirror is used to magnify objects, in a rearview mirror, used in ATMs for security purposes, in sunglasses, and as a reflector for street lights.

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