Why Do Organisms Need to Take Food?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : June 30th, 2022

Food gives energy and helps the body to grow. By having food usually, the body gets all the nutrition they need to survive and the energy to do a movement like work, speak, run, etc. The major benefit of having food is that it helps the body to repair the body’s damaged parts and increase immunity to fight against diseases.

5 Benefits of Taking Food

  • Maintaining the Healthy Weight
  • Helps Digestive System to work smooth
  • Strong Bones
  • Healthy Skin, Teeth Other Body organs
  • Gives energy to the body to function properly
  • Fight against diseases and helps to repair the body from accidents or pain.

Likewise the machines, our body needs the energy to function properly. As you know, we do many activities in our day-to-day life and for that our body needs nutrition. Some of our blood cells absorb the necessary nutrients to repair the body and maintain the need for energy to work.

What Does Happen When We Eat Food?

When we chew food or drink something, then it goes directly to the digestive system. Here, the body organs absorb all nutrients and leave the rest of them. From there, they get energy and do their respective tasks by co-ordinating with the brain.

Naturally, the hurt or painful part of our body needs more nutrients than other organs to recover fast. It either removes or repairs the dead cells there and prepares the body to function like before.


Why Do Organisms Need to Take Food?

Humans need food to complete the need of the body in terms of protein, carbohydrates, etc. All of these work for one moto to ensure that our body functions well. Food is an essential activity of any human or animal's life as it helps them survive and live longer.

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Why Do Organisms Take Food FAQs

  • From the time any species is born on this planet, they want energy to cry, run, speak, understand, read, and do other essential activities. The need for constant energy completes the Food. Apart from this, it also improves the immunity to fight diseases and tries to never let us fall ill.

  • The function is pretty simple. the digestive system gets food through the mouth and food line. There, they absorb essential substances like protein, vitamins, and minerals. With the help of them, our body generates energy and gets distributed among the body part to work.


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