Which one of the following is NOT a web browser? A) Firefox B) Facebook C) Chrome D) Safari

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Among the following, Facebook is not a web browser. It is an application that is a social media site. A browser is a software that gives a manner to search and engage with all of the facts and information over the internet. This consists of Web pages, films, and images. The word “browser” originated previously on the web as a frequent time period for personal interfaces that help you navigate via and read textual content documents online. Many humans will use net browsers to enter the net, and it is nearly a need in what number to navigate their everyday life.

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What is a browser?

A browser, sometimes called an internet browser, is software used to access and find content on the World Wide Web. These content pieces are linked via links and categorized by URIs, along with images, videos, and web pages (Uniform Resource Identifiers).

Functions of Browser:

The following are the features of web browsers and their applications:

  • The primary purpose is to gather data from the World Wide Web and make it accessible to users.
  • A web browser may be used to visit any website. The web server directs us to a website when a URL is typed into a browser.
  • Plugins are available for the web browser to execute Java applets and flash content.
  • It facilitates Internet browsing since, once we arrive at a page, we can quickly examine the hyperlinks and get a growing amount of helpful information online.
  • Browsers employ an internal cache, saved so users can repeatedly access the same webpage without losing further data.

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