Which of the Following is Kuichling's Formula?

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 25th, 2022

Which of the following is kuichling 's formula

  1. Q = 2982√P l/min
  2. Q = 3143√P l/min
  3. Q = 3182√P l/min
  4. Q = 5687√P l/min

Answer: C. Q = 3182√P l/min

Kuichling 's formula (Q) = 3182√P l/min


According to IS 10500:2012, For specifications of drinking water, the total per capita demand for fire is considered to be 1 lpcd.

Fire demand is calculated by-

Kuichling 's formula:- According to Kuichling’s formula

Q = 3182√P l/min


Q = Fire demand in lit/min

P = Population in thousands.

National board of fire under Writer’s formula

For a population of 2 lakhs- Q = 4637√P (1-0.01√P ) l/min 

For population > 2 lakhs- Q = 54600 l/min

For second fire, a provision of 9100 to 36400 l/min will be added.

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