What is called a Constitutional Amendment?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 7th, 2022

A constitutional amendment is a large part of the Constitution of India document involving arrangements. Therefore, it needs to be modified relatively regularly to keep it up-to-date. The Constitution is not just a statement of values and philosophy. But the Constitution is mainly about the embodiment of these values in the institutional arrangement.

Constitutional Amendment in India

  • The Constitution of India believed that it must be in tune with the aspirations of the people and the changes in society.
  • They did not see it as a sacred, static, and immutable law.
  • So they have made arrangements to incorporate changes from time to time.
  • These changes are called constitutional amendments.
  • The special procedures for amending some constitutions have proven so arduous that few or none of the proposed amendments have been approved over several decades (as in Japan).
  • From jurisdiction to jurisdiction, there are many formal distinctions in how constitutional amendments are initially written and written after they are passed into law.
  • Constitutional revisions begin as bills and become law as Acts of Parliament in certain jurisdictions, including Ireland, Estonia, and Australia.
  • It can happen even though a particular procedure is required to put the change into effect.


What is called a Constitutional Amendment?

A constitution is more than just a declaration of beliefs and principles. However, the major purpose of a constitution is to incorporate these ideals into organizational structures. These arrangements make up a large portion of the Indian Constitution.


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