What is the 16th Amendment Act?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The 16th Amendment Act of 1963 maintains that additional restrictions should be placed on the freedoms of speech and expression, peaceful assembly, and association, In the interest of India’s sovereignty and integrity. In the oaths and declarations that legislators, ministers, judges, and the CAG of India are required to make, the 16th Amendment Act added the concepts of sovereignty and integrity.

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16th Amendment Act

The 16th Amendment Act was also called the Constitution (Sixteenth Amendment) Act 1963. The abovementioned amendment was made to various clauses in Article 19 of the Indian constitution. The amendment’s primary goal was to preserve the nation’s integrity and sovereignty.

  • It added a few more limitations to Indian citizens’ fundamental right to free speech and expression in order to stop any actions that might compromise the integrity of the state.
  • It asserts that any type of social group must be established lawfully and amicably with the goal of preserving India’s sovereignty and integrity at all costs.
  • Government employees are also required to uphold the same while taking oaths prior to accepting their positions of responsibility.

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