What is the Latest Amendment in Indian Constitution?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Latest Amendment in Indian Constitution is the Constitution 105th Amendment Act 2021. It was introduced by Dr. Virendra Kumar (Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment) on 9th August 2021. The bill amends the constitution to allow states and union territories. Prepare your list of socially and educationally backward classes.

Latest Amendment in the Indian Constitution

The Constitution Act, 2021, or the 105th Amendment has been enacted to amend clauses 1 and 2, a part of Article 342A. It will also bring in another clause, Clause 3. The bill also brings changes in Articles 338B (9) and 366 (26C).

The bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha with the aim of redefining the powers of the state governments when it comes to identifying the educationally and socially backward class as Other Backward Classes (OBC).

  • It aims to amend clauses 1 and 2 of article 342A as well as introduce clause 3.
  • The 105th Amendment Bill of the Constitution of India also seeks to bring changes in Articles 338 (9) and 366 (26C).
  • The Bill clarifies that states can place OBC categories under the ‘State List’.
  • The 102nd amendment deals only with the aspect of the redefinition of lists.
  • The 102nd Amendment defined the scope of the Central List and how it was to be changed and maintained by the Central Government only.
  • It had no hand in defining the role of state governments in declaring a community backward.
  • The 105th Constitutional Amendment addresses that ambiguity.

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