What is 12th Schedule of the Indian Constitution?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The 12th Schedule of the Indian Constitution talks about the provisions specifying the powers, responsibilities, and authority of the Municipalities. It lists 18 subjects. Schedule 12 of the Indian Constitution was counted by the 74th Amendment Act in 1992. Our Indian Constitution has 12 Schedules each containing laws regarding different areas like States and Union Territories, Houses of Parliament, President, Union Ministers, Tribal Areas, Legislative Lists, etc.

12th Schedule of the Indian Constitution

Our Indian Constitution originally had 8 schedules when it was implemented in 1950, but later by some amendments, at present, there are 12 schedules in the constitution.

Schedule 12 of the Indian Constitution was added by the 74th Amendment Act of 1992 in which 18 matters are listed below:

  1. Urban planning including town planning
  2. Regulation of land use and construction of buildings.
  3. Economic and social development plan
  4. Fire services
  5. Urban poverty alleviation
  6. Water supply for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes
  7. Public health sanitation, conservation, and solid waste management
  8. Slum Upgrades and Improvements
  9. Construction of roads and bridges
  10. To protect the interests of weaker sections including physically and mentally handicapped
  11. Urban forestry, environmental protection, and promotion of ecological aspects
  12. Provision of urban amenities and facilities like parks, playgrounds, and gardens
  13. Promotion of educational, cultural, and aesthetic aspects
  14. Regulation of slaughterhouses and tanneries
  15. Burial and cemetery grounds, crematoriums and cremation grounds, and electric crematoriums
  16. Maintaining data including registration of births and deaths
  17. Cattle pond, prevention of cruelty to animals
  18. Public facilities including parking lots, street lighting, bus stops, and public facilities

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