Odia Literature Books for UPSC: Download Book-list PDF

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Odia Literature Books for UPSC are a must for the candidates who have opted for Odia optional in the UPSC Mains, and for those who have chosen this language as their compulsory paper. Candidates must analyze the Odia syllabus and choose the Odia Literature Books for UPSC accordingly. Odia is considered one of the 6 classical Indian languages, and this language is used in the State of Odisha, parts of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh. The UPSC Odia optional books cover the poetry of ancient, medieval, and modern times, drama, novels, short stories, and essays.

Below we will be covering the list of best Odia optional books for UPSC recommended by the commission itself. Additionally, we will cover some tips that will help you cover the books in an efficient manner.

Odia Literature Optional Books for UPSC

Candidates need to read some of the basic Odia books, and school-level Odia books when it comes to the preparation for the compulsory Odia paper. However, UPSC has mentioned its own list of the texts for the Odia Optional Paper. Below candidates can check out the list of the most highly recommended UPSC Odia optional books.

Odia Literature Books for UPSC


1. Sãralã Dãs—Shanti Parva from Mahãbhãrata.

2. Jaganãth Dãs—Bhãgabata, XI Skadhã—Jadu Avadhuta Sambãda. (Medieval)

3. Dinakrushna Dãs—Raskallola—(Chhãndas—16 & 34)

4. Upendra Bhanja—Lãvanyabati (Chhãndas—1 & 2).


5. Rãdhãnath Rãy—Chandrabhãgã.

6. Mãyãdhar Mänasinha—Jeevan—Chitã.

7. Sãtchidananda Routray—Kabitã—1962.

8. Ramãkãnta Ratha—Saptama Ritu.


9. Manoranjan Dãs—Kätha-Ghoda.

10. Bijay Mishra —Tata Niranjanä.


11. Fakir Mohan Senãpati—Chhamãna Ãthaguntha.

12. Gopinãth Mohãnty—Dãnãpani.

Short Story

13. Surendra Mohãnty—Marãlara Mrityu.

14. Manoj Dãs—Laxmira Abhisãra.


15. Chittaranjan Dãs—Tranga O Tadit (First Five essays).

16. Chandra Sekhar Rath—Mun Satyadharmã Kahuchhi (First five essays)

Odia Literature Books for UPSC PDF

We have prepared a PDF file for all the best Odia optional books for UPSC below. Candidates can download this PDF file directly from the link given below and kickstart their preparation. Candidates can also take a printout so that they won’t miss out on any of these books.

>> Download UPSC Odia Optional Booklist PDF

How To Prepare With Oriya Literature Books for UPSC

It is not easy to cover UPSC Books because of the wide range of topics they cover. In the case of the UPSC Odia optional books, there are so many books to cover in a limited period of time. That is why it is important for the candidates to come up with a robust study plan and strategy to cover the books efficiently.

  • Before beginning the preparation candidates need to have an in-depth understanding of the Odia Literature syllabus for UPSC. keep in mind that what are the topics you need to cover and prepare systematically.
  • Start with one topic at a time from the Odia book. If you are covering the UPSC Mains syllabus then find a perfect balance between them.
  • Give enough time to cover the Odia Literature Books for UPSC, and start as early as possible so that you get time for the revision.
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