Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC: Download Booklist PDF

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC are an important part of the preparation for Kashmiri optional subject. Those candidates who have opted for the UPSC Kashmiri literature optional subject must choose the right Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC and begin their preparation as soon as possible. Kashmiri is an Indo-Aryan language that is spoken by people in the Chenab regions, and Kashmir Valley. Those people who have studied Kashmiri in their curriculum or those who have a good command of this language only choose Kashmiri as their optional subject. 

Below we will discuss the important books for Kashmiri literature optional for UPSC. we have also added the best approach to cover these books efficiently and to ace the Kashmiri literature optional paper.

Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC

Like other optional subjects in the UPSC Mains, the Kashmiri literature also has two papers- Paper-1 and Paper-2. Paper-1 deals with the different theories, grammar phonology, lineage relation of the Kashmiri language, etc. On the other hand, Paper-2 requires an in-depth study of Kashmiri poetry up to the 19th century, analytical study of the short stories, drama, and novel. Candidates must go through the following Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC to cover these topics from both Paper-1 and Paper–2

  • Anhaar – Kashmir University Journal
  • Qk Angy Natuk, ed. Motilal Keemu
  • Sheraza – Cultural Academy
  • Kasher Adbuk Tawareekh – Shafi Shouq
  • Kashir Zaban Te Adab – Cultural Academy
  • Marun-Ivan Ilyich
  • Kashiruk Grammar – Shafi Shouq
  • Kashiry Luki Beeth
  • Kashur Luki Theatre-Mohammad Subhan Bhagat
  • Mujrim by G.N. Gowhar
  • Natuk Kariv Band-Hari Krishan Kaul
  • Razi Oedipus, tr. Naji Munawar

UPSC Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC PDF

We have compiled a list of all the important books for Kashmiri literature optional for UPSC in the PDF below. Candidates can download the PDF file below and start their preparation for the Kashmiri optional subject.

>> Download UPSC Kashmiri Literature Booklist PDF

Strategy to Cover the Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC

Kashmiri language is one of the 22 scheduled languages in India, and it is part of the literature optional subjects in the UPSC. the candidates who have a good command of this language should only opt for this optional. As there are so many Kashmiri Literature Books for UPSC to cover in a limited period of time, it can get overwhelming for the candidates to deal with these books. That is why we have prepared a strategy that would help the candidates to complete the Kashmiri books in an efficient manner.

  • Go through the Kashmiri syllabus- Even if you have the best Kashmiri books, it would be difficult to start if you don’t know which topics to cover. That is why you give a thorough look at the Kashmiri syllabus. Then start covering the topics that are required for the optional exam.
  • Prepare a study plan- if you are preparing for the optional paper with UPSC Prelims Syllabus or Mains Syllabus then you’d need a robust study plan. Divided your time, and make sure you are giving enough time to the Kashmiri books.
  • Note Making- jot down the important points from the UPSC Kashmiri optional books to make your revision easier. Make sure the notes are written in a clear and systematic manner.
  • Focus- the candidates need to give attention to the writing style of the Kashmiri books to get a clear idea of the language, and how they should approach answer writing.
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