Hindi Literature Books for UPSC: Download Hindi Literature Booklist for IAS Mains Optionals

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Hindi Literature Books for UPSC, along with clear guidance is very important to clear the UPSC Mains Exam with flying colors. Hindi literature is one of the most sought literature optional subjects in the UPSC exam. Among the optional subjects offered by the UPSC for the civil services mains exam, there are about 20 literature of languages. Hindi literature has seen a good success rate with many toppers in the past IAS exams. Go through the complete Hindi Literature Optional Book List to choose the ideal books for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. 

It is very much possible for an English medium UPSC aspirant to have Hindi literature optional. Anyone can choose any subject as optional irrespective of having graduation in any subject. The Hindi Literature Books For UPSC are concise and static. As literature helps in developing a strong viewpoint towards life, therefore it has a great impact on essays and interviews.

In this article, we will discuss the Hindi Literature Optional Booklist in a comprehensive manner.

Hindi Optional Books for UPSC Overview

Hindi Literature Optional Booklist can be segregated into parts, keeping in mind the two optional papers in the UPSC Exam Pattern. Each of the two papers is 250 marks, making a total of 500 marks. The UPSC Mains Exam consists of nine papers out of which there are two papers for your optional subject. Since 2013, only one optional subject is required to be selected by a candidate.

For ease of exam preparation, we have segregated the Hindi Literature Books for UPSC as per the UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus. Go through the UPSC Question Papers to understand the weightage distribution of all the topics and select the most suitable book for your preparation

Hindi Literature Books for UPSC Optional Paper 1

The history of the Hindi literature section is very important and should be dealt with thoroughly. This will not only aid the aspirant in both the papers, but also suffice the preparation for the Hindi compulsory paper in the UPSC Mains Exam. Check the Hindi Optional Books for UPSC for Paper 1 mentioned below.

Section A: History of Hindi language and Nagari script.

  • Hindi Sahitya Ka Saral Itihas – Dr. Vishwanath Tripathi
  • Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihas – Dr. Nagendra
  • Hindi Bhasha – Dr. Hardev Bahri
  • Khadi Boli ka Prarambhik Swaroop – Nilesh Jain
  • Hindi Bhasha avam Sahitya Ka Vastunishth Etihas – Sarswati Pandey, Govind Pandey

Section B: History of Hindi literature, Katha Sahitya, Drama & Theater, Criticism, and other forms of Hindi prose—Lalit Nibandh, Rekhachitra, Sansmaran, Yatra-vrittant.

  • NCERT Class XI – Sahitya Shastra Parichay
  • Chhayavad – Dr. Namvar Singh
  • Hindi Sahitya Aur Samvedna Ka Vikas – Dr. Ramswaroop Chaturvedi
  • Nibandh Nilaya – Dr.Satyendra
  • Hindi Bhasha avam Sahitya Ka Vastunishth Etihas – Sarswati Pandey, Govind Pandey

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Hindi Literature Optional Book List for Paper 2

As per the prescribed UPSC Syllabus, the Hindi Literature Books for UPSC is listed below. Aspirants can complement their preparation with reference books, along with the prescribed books mentioned.

Section A: Verse/Poetry

  • Kabir Granthawali, Ed. Shyam Sundar Das
  • Kabir: Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
  • Soordas : Bhramar Geetsar, Ed. Ramchandra Shukla
  • Tulsidas : Ramcharit Manas and Kavitawali
  • Jayasi : Padmawat Ed. Shyam Sundar Das
  • Bihari : Bihari Ratnakar Ed. Jagnnath Prasad Ratnakar
  • Maithili Sharan Gupta : Bharat Bharati
  • Prasad : Kamayani
  • Nirala : Rag-Virag, Ed. Ram Vilas Sharma
  • Niraala Rachita Raam Kee Shakti Pooja Bhaashy –Dr. Surya Prasaad Dikshit
  • Dinkar : Kurukshetra
  • Agyeya : Angan Ke Par Dwar
  • Muktiboth : Brahm Rakhashas
  • Nagarjun : Badal Ko Ghirte Dekha Hai, Akal Ke Bad, Harijan Gatha.

Hindi Literature Books for UPSC for Section B: Prose and novels

  • Bharatendu : Bharat Durdasha
  • Mohan Rakesh : Ashadh Ka Ek Din
  • Ramchandra Shukla : Chintamani (Part I)
  • Premchand: Godan Ed. Amrit Rai; Premchand ki Sarvashreshtha Kahaniyan, Ed. Amrit Rai/Manjusha
  • Prasad : Skandgupta
  • Yashpal : Divya
  • Phaniswar Nath Renu : Maila Anchal
  • Mannu Bhandari : Mahabhoj
  • Rajendra Yadav : Ek Dunia Samanantar

UPSC Hindi Literature Optional Book PDF

Hindi Literature is a noticeable and favorite optional for aspirants who have fair knowledge in this language. However, that does not imply that one must be a Hindi literature graduate. Candidates ought to have a decent command of the dialect. This subject respects the creative abilities of the candidate.

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming UPSC Exam, download the Hindi Literature Booklist in PDF format.

Download UPSC Hindi Literature Booklist PDF

How to study Hindi Literature Books For UPSC?

Hindi Literature is one of the optional subjects in UPSC Mains in which aspirants from Hindi literature background don’t face rivalry with English medium competitors. There are many factors to consider before selecting the best optional subject for the IAS Exam such as syllabus, time available for preparation, etc. The syllabus of the subjects offered by UPSC is somewhere midway between the graduate and PG levels. The candidate’s individual skills determine which optional can be better suited to his/her liking.

The Hindi Literature Optional Booklist can be prepared in a shorter time span, keeping the resources limited. Just make revision a ritual. Without regular revision, one cannot crack the UPSC Exam. Do not change either the preparation strategy or book list frequently, doing so will only derail the aspirant from making progress.

How to Choose the Best Hindi Optional Books For UPSC?

If an aspirant is thinking of making a serious attempt at the upcoming UPSC, the Hindi Literature Optional Booklist mentioned above should be your first companion. The UPSC Syllabus is indicative, sticking to the syllabus and choosing the best Hindi Literature Books for UPSC while preparing for the exam will definitely bear the results desired. The aspirant should practice reading and understanding the depth of the topics properly so that it’s easier to memorize important facts, verses, etc.

All the questions in the exam will be well within the framework of the syllabus.

There is no one formula for selecting an optional for the UPSC mains. One cannot emulate others in this regard. What worked for the previous topper may not work for you. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, one may choose a subject that they like and are confident in, irrespective of its popularity or supposed mark-fetching nature.

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