Telugu Literature Optional Books for UPSC: Download Booklist PDF

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Telugu Literature Books for UPSC play an important role in deciding the aspirants ranking in the UPSC Exam. Among the 48 optional subjects offered by the UPSC for the civil services mains exam, there are about 20 subjects which include literature on languages. Telugu Literature has a good success rate with many UPSC toppers in the past. To ace the IAS Exam in one go, go through the complete list of Telugu Literature Optional Books to choose the ideal books for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. 

Recent trends also show that the success rate of the literature subjects is soaring very high during recent years. The Telugu Literature Optional Books are concise and static and help in developing a strong viewpoint towards life. The article contains the Best Books For Telugu Literature Optional, with detailed information.

Telugu Literature Optional Books

Telugu is one of the 22 official languages of India, recognized by the Indian Constitution. It is one of the classical languages of India and belongs to the Dravidian family. Telugu, as a language is primarily used in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Yanam (an administrative division of Pondicherry). Some points to be noted before choosing the best Telugu Literature Books for UPSC

  • Telugu Literature has a rich tradition of literary works including drama, novels, poetry, and short stories. Therefore, paper 2 books include them.
  • Telugu Literature is a popular optional subject in UPSC Mains Exam and among students who have a liking for the language. Among the various Optional Subjects for UPSC, Telugu enjoys a good success rate.
  • The UPSC Syllabus for Telugu Literature includes concepts such as its grammar, dialects, and processes used in translation, language evolution, the influence of other languages, and its impact on Telugu, etc. It also includes the history of literature, various schools of writing, and genres of Telugu Literature.
  • As per the UPSC Exam Pattern, Both the papers of the optional subject, Paper-1 and Paper- 2 are 250 marks each, making a total of 500 marks.

One should choose the right UPSC Books for the UPSC Exam and the Best Books For Telugu Literature Optional to ensure that he/she clears the UPSC Cutoff with a good score.

Best Books For Telugu Literature Optional

The syllabus for Telugu Literature Optional is well defined in the UPSC Syllabus. The answers to both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the UPSC Mains Exam should be written in Telugu script only. An exhaustive list of Telugu Literature Books for UPSC, covering both Paper 1 and Paper 2 is mentioned below:

  • Andhra Sahitya Charitra by Nagayya
  • Telugu Sahitya Sameeksha by G. Nagayya
  • Andhra Bhasha Charithra by Badriraju Krishnamurty
  • Vakyam by Chekuri Ramarao
  • Nannaya-Dushyanta Chritra
  • Tikkana by Sri Krishna Rayabaramu
  • Srinath by Guna Nidhi Katha
  • Pingali Surana by Sugatri Salinulakatha
  • Molla by Ramayanamu
  • Kasula Purushothama Kavi by Andhra Nayaka Satakamu
  • Animutyalu (Short stories) by Gurajada Appa Rao.
  • Andhra prasasti by Viswanatha Satyanarayana
  • Krishnapaksham by Devulapalli Krishna Sastry
  • Maha prastanam by Sri Sri
  • Gabbilam by Jashuva
  • Karpuravasanta rayalu by C. Narayana Reddy.
  • Sarada lekhalu by Kanuparti Varalakshmamma (Part I).
  • NGO by Atreya
  • Alpajaeevi by Racha Konda Viswanatha Sastry
  • Pingali Soorana
  • Dushyanta Charitra Nannayya by Sri Krishna Rayabaram
  • Vakyam by Chekuri Ramarao

It is always advised that candidates should stick to minimum books and revise them often. Multiple revision of the Telugu Literature Optional Books is the key to scoring the maximum marks in the Telugu Literature Optional.

The Telugu Literature Books for UPSC differs from other literature optionals. It is so because the Telugu Literature Optional Books focus more on various literary problems of the language and literary criticism of the specified works. The study material for the UPSC Telugu Literature Syllabus is easily available across all universities in South India and at some places in Delhi. To score decent marks, it is highly advised to read all the original texts mentioned in the Telugu Literature Syllabus.

UPSC Telugu Literature Books PDF

To opt for Telugu Literature in UPSC Mains Exam, a candidate doesn’t need to be a Telugu literature graduate. Candidates having a decent command of the dialect and an inclination towards the subject can opt for this optional. Telugu Literature optional respects the creative abilities of the candidate.

Download UPSC Telugu Literature Booklist PDF

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming UPSC Exam, download the UPSC Telugu Literature Books in PDF format.

How to Study Telugu Literature Books for UPSC?

The preparation for the UPSC Exam may seem daunting, but the correct UPSC Preparation Strategy and approach, but it is not all difficult. The UPSC Prelims Syllabus and the UPSC Mains Syllabus are enormous and it is often argued that the UPSC Mains Exam is the trickiest part, and the optional subject is the key determining factor.

  • To approach the Telugu Literature Optional, one should start with the understanding of the structure of the UPSC Telugu Literature Syllabus and then proceed with the detailed reading of the Best Books For Telugu Literature Optional.
  • Reading original texts and developing a unique writing style that reflects individuality is very important in literature. Giving analogy and comparison with other language literature like that of Tamil, Kannada, Odia, English, Hindi, etc. will fetch more marks. Critical analysis and comparison add to the diversity and uniqueness of the mains answers.
  • The candidate should always read smart, and along with that, practice the Previous Year’s Questions daily to get an idea of the UPSC Exam Pattern.
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