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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Ethics Book for UPSC helps the candidate master the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and helps them prepare effectively for the UPSC exam. However, aspiring civil servants often face the challenge of finding the right study material for the Ethics paper. While there are many Ethics Books for UPSC available, selecting the ones that cover the syllabus comprehensively and align with the UPSC’s standards can be a daunting task

It is very important to have a good conceptual understanding of all the topics so that you can answer efficiently and with proper examples. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Ethics books for UPSC that contain all the topics of the syllabus, and concepts are explained with examples and case studies. In Addition, we have also mentioned the strategy to cover the Ethics Book for UPSC in the best possible way.

Best Ethics Book for UPSC

Choosing the right ethics book for UPSC is crucial for aspirants preparing for the Civil Services exam. Candidates need to find the right books that include ethical theories and concepts, and ethical decision-making frameworks, and explain the topics in a simple manner. Here are some highly recommended Ethics Books for UPSC :

  • Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – M Karthikeyan
  • Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury
  • Ethics in Governance: Innovations, Issues, and Instrumentalities – Ramesh K Arora

How to Choose the Ethics Book for UPSC?

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the best Ethics Book for UPSC. However, to make the process easier for you, we have prepared the main features of all the Ethics Books for UPSC below. It will give you a fair amount of idea of which book you should opt for better UPSC results.

Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar

Generally, this Ethics Book for UPSC is best known for solving case studies enquired in GS Paper 4. This book tells you the meaning of many words related to the subject explicitly.

  • Six brief questions are included in Section A of the paper. As a result, it’s critical to include notes for each subtopic and keyword in the syllabus, such as the term’s definition and examples.
  • Take the word “objectivity,” for example. In roughly 100-150 words, you must make notes on the issue of objectivity using the book.

Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy

This Ethics Book for UPSC is approved by two famous IAS Officers, it gives an organized and comprehensive account of the multiple theories on Ethics and also gives information on moral and ethical dilemmas that may provide administrators in their professional lives. This Ethics Book for UPSC is approved by Tata McGraw Hill as well.

Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – M Karthikeyan

Basically, this Ethics Book for UPSC is written by the teacher of this subject, and it covers the UPSC Syllabus for GS Paper 4 in detail. It is one of the top 7 suggested books to prepare for the Ethics syllabus for UPSC.

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury

This Ethics Book for UPSC is authorized by two retired IAS Officers and is written by Access Publishers. It consists of a lot of case studies and is the best book for beginners in the subjects.

Ethics in Governance: Innovations, Issues, and Instrumentalities – Ramesh K Arora

This Ethics Book for UPSC is printed by Rawat Publications; this book describes the roots of corruption and unethical practices in public systems. It explains the requirement of honesty and transparency in public administration. It provides information about designing and implementing sound governmental practices. Additionally, a brief of the report of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission on ‘Ethics in Governance’ is also covered.

ARC Reports

The Administrative Reforms Commission reports are essential for the Ethics paper. If you don’t have time, you must hold the summary of the reports and go through them. The second Arc report on Ethics in Governance suggests the following values in Civil Services- integrity, impartiality, objectivity, empathy, tolerance, and many others.

Ethics Book for UPSC – Additional Sources

Apart from the standard IAS Ethics Books, Candidates can go through the following resources to level up their preparation. It is important to go through the UPSC Syllabus for Ethics in a detailed manner so that you do not miss any topic.

  • ARC 4th report
  • Citizen-Centric Administration – ARC Report
  • Class 11 & 12 NCERT Psychology book: Selected chapters
  • Yojana editions- Good Governance, Inclusive Governance, Reforms in Public Administration.

How to Prepare with Ethics Book for UPSC?

While covering the UPSC Books, you need to adopt a solid strategic approach or you will end up feeling overwhelmed. You don’t have to cover all the ethics books, and only covering the right one with the proper strategy would be more than enough for your preparation. Let’s highlight some key points on how you can maximize your learning potential with Ethics Books for UPSC.

  • The Ethics paper will generally evaluate ethical competence. First of all, make yourself familiar with the entire syllabus and understand it properly.
  • Ensure to make hand-written notes from the Ethics Book for UPSC, which would help you in last-minute revision.
  • You can even discuss the problems with others, as that will help you to understand the various viewpoints.
  • Practice case study questions from the previous year with the right example and practical solutions.
  • With an organized and efficient approach, you can easily clear GS Paper 4 more effectively.
  • In addition to all this, you can practice flowcharts and diagrams mentioned in the Ethics Book for UPSC to make your UPSC answer writing more effective. For the theoretical portion, you must answer the questions in a pointwise way.

Ethics Book for UPSC in Hindi

If you are a candidate is from the Hindi medium, then no need to worry as there are some UPSC Books in Hindi for the preparation of the Ethics paper. However, you don’t need to cover every Hindi Ethics Book for UPSC. Some of the best Hindi Ethics books are given below-

  • नीतिशास्त्र, सत्यनिष्ठा और अभिरुचि – जी. सुब्बा राव और पी.एन. रॉय चौधरी
  • नीतिशास्त्र, सत्यनिष्ठा और अभिरुचि – एम. कार्तिकेयन
  • नीतिशास्त्र, सत्यनिष्ठा और अभिरुचि – संतोष अजमेरा और नंद किशोर रेड्डी
  • शासन में नैतिकता: नवाचार, मुद्दे और साधन – रमेश के. अरोड़ा
  • IAS परीक्षा के सामान्य अध्ययन प्रश्नपत्र- IV के नीतिशास्त्र, सत्यनिष्ठा और अभिरुचि खंड हेतु लेक्सिकॉन
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