Maithili Books for UPSC: Download UPSC Maithili Literature Books for IAS Mains

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Maithili Books for UPSC are an important resource for the candidates who are interested in taking Maithili Optional in UPSC Exam. The Maithili Optional Booklist provides the best study material and clears the concept in the best way possible. Scoring good marks in the optional subject is very essential as it helps the candidates score a better rank and get the service of their choice.

It is very important to select the correct Maithili Optional Booklist as the paper is very scoring but the resources are limited. While selecting the UPSC Maithili Literature Optional Books, one must always ensure that it contains all the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Let’s have a look at the below-compiled list of Maithili Books for UPSC which will help the candidate in scoring well in the UPSC Exam.

Maithili Optional Booklist

Maithili is one of the 22 official languages of India included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Mithila region, which comprises northern and eastern Bihar and a few districts of Nepal Terai. Maithili is one of the largest languages in India and the second largest language in Nepal.

It is very essential on the candidate’s part to include the right books for his/her UPSC Preparation Strategy. Not only should the aspirant be selective about the UPSC Books but also segregate them according to the UPSC Prelims Syllabus and UPSC Mains Syllabus.

In this article, we have tried to provide you with the best Maithili Books for UPSC, which contains an extensive list of books covering both the Paper-1 and Paper- 2 of the UPSC Maithili Literature Syllabus.

UPSC Maithili Literature Optional Books

The UPSC Syllabus clearly outlines the syllabus for Optional Subjects in UPSC. If a candidate is well-versed in the Maithili dialect, its history, and language, he/she can surely take the optional subject as per the interest.

The Maithili Optional Booklist can be divided into two parts, as per the UPSC Exam’s requirement. There are two papers for the Maithili optional, Paper-1 and Paper- 2, each of 250 marks and a total of 500 marks.

UPSC Maithili Literature Optional Books for Paper- 1

Paper- 1 for the Maithili Books for UPSC contains the history, language, and literature of the language. The books needed to complete the syllabus for Paper- 1 are:

  • Maithili ka Udgam aur Vikas by Pandit Govind Jha
  • Maithili Bhasha ka Vikas by Pandit Govind Jha
  • Ucchtar Maithili Vyakaran by Pandit Govind Jha
  • Maithili Bhasha Shastra by Dr. Dhirendra Nath Mishr
  • Maithili Safalta Sopan by Dr. Raman Kumar Jha
  • Varini by Dr. Veena Thakur
  • Itihas Darpan by Dr. Veena Thakur
  • Parichayika by Dr. Bhimnath Jha
  • Maithili Sahityik Itihas by Dinesh Kumar Jha
  • Maithili Sahityik Aalochanatamak Itihas by Dr. Durga Nath Jha “Shreesh”
  • Maithili Sahityik Kaalik Vibhajan by Mayanand Mishr

UPSC Maithili Literature Optional Books for Paper- 2

Paper- 2 for the Maithili Books for UPSC contains poetry and prose from the Maithili language. The books/resources needed to complete the syllabus for Paper- 2 are:

  • Maithili Gadya Gaurav
  • Maithili Safalta Sopan by Dr. Raman Kumar Jha
  • Krishna Janm Aalochana by Dr. Raman Kumar Jha
  • Vidyapati Geet-Shati by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi (Publisher)
  • Govind Das Bhajanavali by Maithili Acadamy, Patna (Publisher)
  • Krishnajanm by Manbodh
  • Mithilabhasha Ramayana by Chanda Jha
  • Rameshwar Charit Mithila Ramayan by Lal Das
  • Keechak-Vadh by Tantra Nath Jha.
  • Datta-Vati by Surendra Jah ‘Suman’
  • Chitra-Yatri
  • Samakaleen Maithili Kavita by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi (Publisher)
  • Khattar Kakak Tarang by Hari Mohan Jha
  • Varna Ratnakar by Jyotirishwar
  • Lorik by Vijaya Manipadma
  • Prithvi Putra by Lalit
  • Bhaphait Chahak Jinagi by Sudhanshu ‘Shekhar’ Choudhary
  • Kriti Rajkamlak by Maithili Acadamy, Patna (Publisher)
  • Katha–Sangrah by Maithili Acadamy, Patna (Publisher)

How to prepare with Maithili Optional Booklist for UPSC?

The syllabus for Maithili Optional is less as compared to other Optional Subjects. Taking Maithili Optional can come in handy if the candidate, after the selection is posted in the Maithil region. The following points should be kept in mind when preparing the Maithili Optional Booklist for UPSC:

  • Analyze and understand the complete syllabus of the Maithili Optional exam.
  • Make short notes and mind-maps for quick revision. Go through them daily.
  • For the poetry and prose section, read the important parts and sections from the source books and complement it with other resources. Reading original texts is a must.
  • Analyze the UPSC Previous Year Questions, and strategize your preparation in that way. Answer writing plays a pivotal role in clearing the UPSC Mains. So, one must thoroughly practice it before the actual exam.
  • Revision is the key. Solve and attempt as many mocks as you can.

Maithili Books for UPSC PDF

The regional languages have gained prominence in the IAS Exam of late. The language optional always has a high success rate because only a few candidates opt for them With the correct strategy and approach, one can score very high marks in their optional subjects.

Aspirants can simply download the Maithili Books for UPSC from the link given below. The PDF will come in very handy for the candidates in their preparation.

Download Maithili Optional Booklist PDF

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