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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Electrical Engineering Books are an essential addition to the preparation of the electrical engineering optional subject. Those candidates who opt for electrical engineering mostly belong to engineering backgrounds. UPSC electrical engineering optional books cover a wide range of topics such as circuit theory, and EM. theory, analog electronics, energy conversion, control systems, power systems, digital communication, etc. as the optional paper accounted for a total of 500 marks, it is crucial for the candidates to pick the right UPSC Electrical Engineering Books.

Below we have shortlisted some of the highly recommended UPSC Electrical Engineering Books by the experts and toppers that you must consider for your preparation. Additionally, we will be providing an effective strategy to cover these books easily.

UPSC Electrical Engineering Optional Books for Paper-1

Paper-1 of the IAS electrical engineering syllabus deals with circuit theory, signal & systems, analog electronics, E.M. theory, energy conversion, power electronics, etc. The UPSC Syllabus of paper-1 is vast and you need to be well-versed with basic concepts first.

Here are some IAS electrical engineering books that you can count on for covering these topics before the upcoming UPSC Exam.

  • Electrical Circuits 1&2 by Nasser, Schaum Series
  • Electrical Circuits by Chakraborty
  • Electromagnetic Theory by Saddique, Oxford Publications
  • Electromagnetic Waves by Jordan & Balmian
  • Electromagnetic Theory by Saddique, Oxford Publications.
  • Analog and Digital Communications by K. Sam Shanmugam
  • Analog and Digital Communications, Schaum Series
  • Integrated Electronics by Milliman, and Halkis
  • Microelectronics by Milliman and Grabel.
  • Digital Design by Morris Mano.
  • Digital Electronics by R P Jain.
  • Electrical Machines by Nagrath and Kothari
  • Electrical Machines by P.S. Bhimbra
  • Electrical Drives by G.K. Dubey
  • Power Electronics by P.S.Bhimbra
  • Digital Signal Processing by Oppenheim & Willsky
  • Digital Signal Processing by Proakis, Maholanakis

UPSC Electrical Engineering Books for Paper-2

Just like Paper-1, Paper-2 also carries 250 marks, and it covers topics like control systems, measurement and instrumentation, power system protection, power systems, and digital communication. Understand the UPSC Mains Syllabus and IAS Exam Pattern for better understanding.

To have a solid grasp of these topics you will need to prepare from the best UPSC IAS electrical engineering books that we have mentioned below.

  • Control Systems by BC Kuo.
  • Modern Control Systems by Nagrath and Gopal
  • Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments by A K Sawhney.
  • Electronic Measurements by Cooper & etc., PHI Publications.
  • Modern Power System Analysis by Nagrath
  • Power System Analysis by C L Wadhwa
  • Power System Protection by Badri Ram and Vishwa Karma, TMH Publications
  • Non-Conventional Energy resources by G.D.Rai, Khanna Publications
  • Microelectronics by Milliman and Grabel
  • Microwaves by Kulkarni.
  • Communication Systems by Kennedy.
  • 8085 Microprocessor by Ramesh S Gaonkar
  • Analog & Digital Communications by K Sam Sanmugam
  • Analog & Digital Communications by Schum Series
  • Electrical Engineering Materials by Seth & Gupta

Why Suggested UPSC Electronics Engineering Books is Vital?

Electrical engineering deals with the study and application of electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity. It is subdivided into a wide range of fields, and it is crucial to follow the books that would help you to build a basic foundation on these topics. Additionally, there are tons of electrical engineering books in the market but not every book is best suited for UPSC, and that is why it is crucial to follow only the right books to complete the electrical engineering syllabus on time.

Other Important IAS Electrical Engineering Books

Apart from the UPSC Electrical Engineering Books mentioned above, candidates can also refer to the following books.

  • Automatic Control System by Benjamin C. Kuo
  • Control System Engg. by Nagrath & Gopal
  • Electrical Machinery by PS Bimbhra
  • Electrical Machines by Nagrath & Kothari
  • Power Electronics by PS Bimbhra
  • Digital Logic & Computer Design by Morris Mano
  • Electric Power Systems by CL Wadhwa
  • Electromagnetic by Willaim H. Hayt
  • Integrated Electronics by Milman & Halkias; Millma & Grobel
  • Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg
  • Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney
  • Power System Engineering by Nagrath & Kothari

UPSC Electrical Engineering Optional Books PDF

There is a big list of all the highly-rated UPSC IAS electrical engineering books, and it is quite impossible to remember the names of all the books we have mentioned above. That is why we have created a PDF file of all these books we have mentioned above, and candidates can download them from the given link below.

Download UPSC Electrical Engineering Optional Booklist PDF

Strategy to Prepare from the UPSC Electrical Engineering Books

When you combine hard work with smart work, cracking the UPSC exam becomes a lot easier. Hard work alone won’t help you to crack an exam like UPSC and you will have to take a strategic approach for it as well. Here are some key points that will help you to cover these UPSC IAS electrical engineering books efficiently. You can try this strategy for other UPSC Books as well.

  • The UPSC Electrical Engineering Syllabus is vast so make sure you don’t miss out on any topic while covering the books. It would be best to keep a printout of the syllabus when preparing from the books.
  • Don’t read one topic from multiple books or you will end up getting confused. Choose one book that you find easy to understand and cover the topic with only that particular book. But make sure you don’t miss out on any sub-sections.
  • Prepare self-written notes from the UPSC Electrical Engineering Books, as they can be used for a quick revision.
  • Solving the numerical problems from the books also gives enough emphasis on the theory part.
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