What are the Five Edible Plants and Their Parts?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Either animal or human needs something to eat so they can survive on this plant. Animals and plants are two main sources of food for humans. Here, you must keep in mind that not all the plants and their parts can be eaten. It can be poisonous and you may lose your life. 

Roots, flowers, fruit, leaf, etc of the plants are the main components that we eat. Here we will tell you about 5 plants and their plants that we can eat.

5 Edible Plants and Their Parts

  • Spinach – We can eat leaves and stems.
  • Potato- The root of this plant is consumable.
  • Pumpkin- flower, and fruit are edible.
  • Radish- Leafs, and roots are edible of this plant.
  • Cauliflower – The flower of the plant is edible.

How Are We Dependent on Plants for Food?

Plants are the major sources of food for humans and animals. Our body gets nutrition and energy when we consume plants and their parts either by cooking or raw. As you know humans and animals are heterotrophs and we are not equipped with food that’s why we need plants and sometimes animals to complete our food-related requirements.


What are the Five Edible Plants and Their Parts?

Apple, water nut, brinjal, tomatoes, and tulsi are the five plants that you can eat apart from the above-mentioned plants. We eat plant fruit, stem, root, leaf, and sometimes flower also. Some plants we consume to complete our food requirements and some have medicinal properties. It helps us to stay fit and healthy. For example, we eat Tulsi leaves that have natural immunity booster.

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