How to Prepare for UGC NET History 2022: Check History Books, Strategy, Study Plan

By Ashwani Tyagi|Updated : December 15th, 2021

How to Prepare for UGC NET History 2022: In this article, we will discuss the strategy, syllabus, strategy, important books, study plan vigorously to crack the UGC NET History (Paper 2) 2022 exam in detail.

Understanding syllabus, previous year questions, and limiting resources could help you plan better and clear JRF. 

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Key Points for UGC NET History 2022

The first thing to do to crack JRF in History is to keep the UGC NET syllabus with you. Read the syllabus again and again till every word of it is internalized.

  • Second, identify the are areas that are scoring and from which NTA is asking questions again and again.
  • Identify your strength and weaknesses in History. For example- Modern India is a very scoring part of History. Therefore, do not miss any questions from here.
  • Work on your weak areas. For example- candidates find Ancient India difficult. Therefore, more time should be spent here.
  • Avoid reading guide UGC NET books available in the market. 
  • Read the books that you read in your graduation and post-graduation.
  • Revise these books again and again.
  • Attempt mock tests.
  • Do not take paper-2 lightly. Some candidates only focus on Paper-1 and forget that it is Paper-2 that is of 200 marks. It can get you JRF.

How to Prepare for UGC NET History 2022?

1. Previous Year Paper Analysis:

  • One of the main observations that can be drawn from analyzing UGC NET's previous papers is that NTA is testing candidates' objective knowledge.
  • So, one thing is clear, having completed Post Graduation in History, you are expected to develop sound critical reasoning skills to answer the questions.
  • NTA is asking objective questions but you can understand objective questions only if you have subjective knowledge.
  • Try to place the question in the time frame and then answer the question.

Most Important areas


Harappan civilization






Gupta empire




Ashoka (Mauryas)


Chronology of events


Bhakti and Sufi




Vedic civilization


Stone Age


Painting and Architecture


Rulers chronology


Travelers (ancient and medieval India)




European travelers




British governor-general/viceroys


British acts


National movement


  • Modern India- 33-34
  • Ancient India- 32-33
  • Medieval India-34
  • All sections had an almost equal weightage

Takeaways from the ongoing trend of question papers:

  • The national movement is the most scoring area- always expect at least 10 questions from here.
  • The chronology of rulers and events is the most asked question. Six to seven questions are asked based on chronology. Therefore, understanding History is very important.
  • Literature from ancient and medieval India is a very important part.
  • Architecture and Painting are very important.
  • It is important to cover these areas as holistically as possible.
  • Inculcate the habit of eliminating options. This could happen only when you revise more and more.
  • Inculcate critical reasoning and analytical skills.

2. Strategy for UGC NET History Paper 2

  • Assuming that you have 3 months left for UGC NET preparation, you should not waste more time and get down to business as soon as possible.
  • Devote at least 4 hours thoroughly for history.
  • Read the textbooks prescribed below for History.
  • Make yourself aware of the pattern.
  • Keep your sources limited. Revise them again and again.
  • Make yourself familiar with all the important points given in the syllabus.
  • While reading makes short notes to revise in the last few days.
  • Practice previous year's question papers regularly. This will make the candidates aware of the topics that are frequently asked by NTA.
  • Depending upon your interest and retaining skill, allocate time that needs to be devoted to every topic.
  • Revise every topic that you have studied. The revision should not just be done only after completing a particular topic, but it should be timed at regular intervals throughout your preparation.
  • Prepare smart strategies to attempt questions. For instance, the process of elimination works very well in attempting a lot of questions in History (for instance, in questions like matching the columns or multiple combination options).
  • Last, but not least, do not ignore your Paper 1, as it is the cumulative score that would let you ace the exam.

3. Important Books for UGC NET History Paper 2

Ancient India

  • Upender Singh- A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India: From the Stone Age to the 12th Century (best book for ancient India)
  • RS Sharma- India's Ancient Past (for basic understanding)

Medieval India

  • Satish Chandra- Part-1 and Part-2 (Multiple revision of both volumes is required)

Modern India

  • Shekhar Bandopadhya- Plassey to Partition
  • B.L Grover- A new look at Modern Indian History
  • Rajiv Ahir- Spectrum (for revision purpose only)
  • Bipan Chandra- India since Independence (for the post-independent part)

Note- NTA picks questions directly from these above-given books. Therefore, candidates need to read and revise these books thoroughly if they want to clear JRF.

Increase your chances to crack JRF by 900%

Hence, to score better, start your preparation now and crack UGC NET 2022 with good scores.

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All the best for your exams.

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  • History is regarded as one of the toughest papers under UGC NET and to ace, the exam expert tips are highly desirable.

  • No. There is no negative marking in the exam. UGC NET will have a total of 150 MCQs and candidates will be given 3 hours to complete the exam.

  • UGC NET & JRF are the same exams. The top 6% of students who qualify NET exam get JRF. So candidates need more marks for JRF as compared to NET.

  • The candidates who have cleared UGC NET as per the minimum qualifying marks, i.e., 40% for General and 35% for Reserved Category shall be declared 'Pass' in the UGC NET exam


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