List of Colleges Accepting UGC NET Score in India

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Updated on: September 14th, 2023

The Indian education system is expanding by leaps and bounds. We live in such a country which offers education in diverse fields. Such is the scope of higher education in India that it will not fail any aspirant who is willing to pursue a degree of Ph.D. If you are planning for a Ph.D. degree in India, you will have to appear for UGC NET. University Grants Commission (UGC) National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) is attempted by those interested in the field of research.

Ph.D. is one of the most in-demand degrees in today’s market because it gives students the chance to make a career and work in a company’s research and development department or as a professor in a University/College.

You will need to put in consistent effort and have patience in order to earn a Ph.D. degree. However, once you have earned your degree, you will have access to a plethora of research and teaching positions.

You will need to take the UGC NET Exam to accomplish that. You can enroll in a Ph.D. program at a college that accepts UGC NET Scores if you pass the UGC NET Cutoff. You will learn about the renowned universities in India that accept UGC NET scores from this list of the best Ph.D. Institutions in the article below.


Colleges in India Accepting UGC NET Score

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy

NationalNational Institute of Technology (NIT) Trichy which is a institution holding a National Reputation, was established as a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu. NIT admits candidates for PhD as per the UGC NET Score. Another way to get in NIT PhD Program is by taking the written test or interview conducted by the department. All the candidates who have qualified the UGC NET Exam can apply to NIT for pursuing PhD. 

Admission related queries and other details can be obtained at

GITAM University, Visakhapatnam

GITAMOne of India’s best universities is the Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, more commonly referred to as GITAM. Through their UGC NET score, M.Phil. students can enroll in this college to pursue a Ph.D. Others, on the other hand, must take the university’s entrance exam to pursue a Ph.D. at this college. Candidates who are UGC NET Qualified are eligible for this institution. 

If you want to take admission in this college, visit

University of Allahabad

UniversityThe University of Allahabad, which is one of the nation’s oldest universities, has always held a position of prominence. In addition to offering undergraduate and graduate courses, the institute accepts UGC NET scores from applicants for Ph.D. programs. All the candidates reaming of having a PhD degree from Allahabad University either can qualify UGC  NET exam or take the RET exam conducted by the university itself.  

To know more about the college, you can visit

HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore

HKBKThe HKBK College of Engineering was established in 1997 and is affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University. The college has NAAC and NBA accreditation, as well as approval from AICTE. The college offers courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, and degrees, and it considers students’ UGC NET scores when considering whether or not they should pursue a Ph.D in the institution.

Details about the admission process and other information about the college can be obtained at

Jiwaji University, Gwalior

JiwajiJiwaji University, which was founded in 1964, is a leading educational institution that has received Grade A accreditation from the NAAC. The college offers undergraduate and graduate courses in a variety of fields, both in person and online. This university is one of the well-known colleges in Madhya Pradesh for Ph.D. programs. To get in, you need to get a good score on the UGC NET. Candidates who qualify for UGC NET Exam are eligible for PhD screening. 

To know more about the university, visit

University of Calcutta


The University of Calcutta, one of India’s oldest and most prestigious universities, was established under British rule in 1857. It is a public state university that has received an A grade from the NAAC and is known as a five-star university. This college offers courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, and fellowship recipients. It allows candidates to appear in  the screenings or interview for PhD admissions by their UGC NET Scores.

UGC NET qualified candidates can take admission to the Ph.D. courses offered in this college by visiting the official website at

Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida

ShivShiv Nadar University is a university that focuses on multidisciplinary research and offers courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Through pedagogical training and extensive research, this university’s Ph.D. programs provide excellence in doctoral fields. The classes are taught by experts of international renown to equip students with the theoretical and practical skills they’ll need in the workplace. They too accept the UGC NET Exam Scores for PhD admissions. 

If you want more information about the college, you can visit the official website at

Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya

MahatmaOne of the most popular universities in Meghalaya, Mahatma Gandhi University was established by the Meghalaya State Legislative Act, 2010. The motto of the college is to offer vast experience in the field of education. The various programs of this college are Legal Studies, Commerce & Management, Science and Technology, Basic Sciences, Humanities and Social Science, Education, Health Sciences, and Language Studies. You can opt for a UG, PG, or a Ph.D. course in any of the above-mentioned streams.

Further details about Mahatma Gandhi University can be obtained at

ICFAI University, Dehradun

ICFAIICFAI University is one of the best colleges in Dehradun benching academic delivery following the best standards of education. Full-time Ph.D. programs are offered in Management, Law, Education, and Science and Technology. Those aspirants who have cleared the required UGC NET cut-off and interested in lectureship and research can pursue a Ph.D. program. These programs help in fostering academic and research interests in the students.

Admission related details and other information about the college can be obtained at

Sastra Deemed University, Thanjavur

SastraDeemed-to-be university in Tamil Nadu is Sastra University, which stands for Shanmuga Arts, Science, Technology, and Research Academy. Courses for the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels are available at the university. For candidates who have passed the UGC NET cutoff, both full-time and part-time courses are being offered in a variety of fields, including science, the arts, engineering, management, and law. This can be the one for the candidates preparing to pursue PhD.

After completion of a program in the above-mentioned discipline, the candidate gets awarded with a Ph.D. degree. If you wish to seek further information about the college and the courses being offered, you can click on

SRM University, Amravati

SRMSRM University was established with the goal of providing a technology-driven active learning platform for industry-oriented education. Students will be better prepared to face the dynamic challenges of the workplace if they are exposed to such an environment. Courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates are plentiful at the college. In addition, the college offers a number of Ph.D. programs in various fields.

To enroll for a course, visit

Amity Institute of Anthropology, Noida

AmityIt is one of the best research institutes in Noida, and UGC NET courses can be taken at this institute. The objective of the courses offered by this college is to provide students with a comprehensive education. The institute offers undergraduate and graduate courses as well as a three-year Ph.D. program in anthropology.

If you want to know more about the college and the courses being offered, click on

Berhampur University, Odisha

\Due to its role in producing undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, Berhampur University in Odisha is regarded as having a high reputation. The college has 20 PG departments that offer specializations and covers a wide range of subjects. By providing students with high-quality education, the university has built a reputation for itself as a symbol of glory and prosperity over the years.

To know how to enroll in the Ph.D. and other courses, you can visit the official website of the university at

Assam University, Silchar

AssamAfter the enactment of the Assam University Act 1989, Assam University was established in the year 1994. Having made its mark as a university of excellence, this university draws not only Indian students from all over the country but international students as well. Along with UG and PG courses, the institute offers Ph.D. courses for those willing to pursue research. For that, candidates should have qualified UGC NET.

Further details about the university can be obtained at

Goa University

\Goa University is a premier institute offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several disciplines of study. Also, UGC NET qualified candidates, who are willing to make a career in research and doctoral studies can opt for the Ph.D. courses offered here. The doctoral courses offered are in the fields of Economics, Biotechnology, Botany, English, Biology, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Law, International Studies, various regional languages, and many others.

If you are seeking admission related queries or other information, you can visit the official website at

This list contains the names of the best Ph.D. colleges and universities. Pursuing a degree of Ph.D. gives you the required exposure required in the professional field. With a degree in Ph.D, you can reach the zenith of success in your chosen field.

How to prepare for UGC NET Exam 2023?

The candidates are advised to go through the entire syllabus before beginning their UGC NET Preparation so that they may fully understand it and begin preparing appropriately by concentrating on each topic. Candidates must also make it a habit to review their previously prepared notes on all the significant and challenging topics on a frequent basis. They must put out a schedule that efficiently handles both your time and the topics that need to be addressed, and you are responsible for making sure that schedule is followed. Candidates can check the study plan for UGC NET Preparation below.

  • Recognizing the exam: Candidates must fully comprehend the UGC NET Exam Pattern and the syllabus. To get a good idea of the score you’ll need to get to be selected, look at the cutoff scores from the previous year. Make sure you know everything on the syllabus, and look at previous exams to see what kinds of questions were asked in each section.
  • Syllabus: Instead of memorizing the UGC NET Syllabus in its entirety, examine the syllabus to gain an understanding of the topic. Knowing the topics that must be covered in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be helpful. It can be used to enhance your exam preparation strategies. Make a list of both the topics you are familiar with and the ones you struggle with. You can simply prepare for anything significant if you know where you should put the most of your time and effort.
  • Good study Plan: One of the most important UGC NET Preparation Tips is to create an effective study plan and consistently follow it. If you fully comprehend the exam’s format and syllabus, you can carefully divide your time to cover each topic in depth. Make adjustments to your study schedule to meet your needs to ensure that you can keep it on track.
  • Time management: When studying for competitive exams, keep an eye on the clock. Using the previous year’s UGC NET Question Papers as a guide, you must thoroughly solve them. To improve your subsequent effort goals for the week and month, make sure to time yourself as you go. You must monitor your progress. To accomplish this, you’ll need to set some goals for yourself. Start with simple goals for the day or week, then move on to monthly goals and make sure you reach them. You’ll be able to keep up with your studies as a result of this.
  • Revision: One of the best UGC NET Preparation tips for applicants is to thoroughly review each topic. As a result, you’ll be more self-assured and knowledgeable about the subject. Candidates must be proficient note-takers.
  • Solving a Mock Test: You should look for the UGC NET Mock Test even if you have already completed the question papers from previous years as part of your preparation. You can improve your speed and become sufficiently familiar with the questions’ format using this method.
  • Examine the Syllabus – Understand the topic rather than remembering the entire UGC NET Syllabus. It will be beneficial to be aware of the subjects that must be addressed in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. You can use it to improve the methods you use to prepare for exams. List the topics you struggle with as well as the ones you are familiar with. Know where you should spend the most time and effort so you can simply prepare for anything big.
  • Good Study Plan – Making an efficient study plan and following it consistently is one of the most important UGC NET Preparation Tips. You can carefully divide your time to cover each topic in-depth if you have a thorough understanding of the exam’s format and syllabus. To ensure that you can adhere to it correctly, adjust your study timetable to your needs.
  • Time Management – Keep time in mind when you study for competitive exams. The UGC NET Question Papers from the previous year must be thoroughly solved utilising them as a guide. Make sure to time yourself as you go to improve your subsequent effort
  • Goals for the week and month – You must keep an eye on your development. You’ll need to set some objectives for yourself in order to achieve this. Begin with simple daily or weekly objectives, then progress to monthly objectives and ensure that you achieve them. This ensures that you stay on pace with your studies.
  • Revision – Reviewing each topic in depth is one of the best UGC NET Preparation tips for applicants. You’ll feel more confident and educated about the subject as a result of this. Candidates must be used to taking notes.
  • Solving Mock Test – Even when you have already finished the question papers from previous years as part of your preparation, you should look for the UGC NET Mock Test. This method allows you to sharpen your speed and become sufficiently familiar with the format of the questions.

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